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There are umpteen bakeries in our city and they do offer pretty fine cakes, bakes but what do you do when you need that personal touch for a birthday cake or for any other festive sweets? Whom should you go to when you got to place a bulk order for sweets but do not wish to compromise on its quality?? Having faced this dilemma countless times, Meenal Bhambhani started up with Baked, a small yet determined, home-based venture which offers decadent cakes, cupcakes, brownies et al in Surat. Meenal's mom, Dropadi Bhambhani, is a seasoned cook and she helps Meenal in walking all the extra miles for serving nothing but the best to the customers.

All the goodies made at the Baked HQ are completely eggless. Also, their kitchen area is spick and span, which ensures that all the products of Baked are hygienic and fresh. When it comes to their products, Baked has some incredible options of cakes such as banana caramel cake, ferrero rocher cake, seasonal fruits cake but their hot chocolate spoons are totally worth dying for!

For various festivals and as per orders, Meenal and her mom even offer limited edition, homemade chocolates, tea cakes, cookies. Baked's chocolate wafers, roasted almond chocolates, and cashew chocolates taste ambrosial as well. And there has never been a day for Baked without orders because their customers trust them and love the products so much.

Moreover, all these cakes, bakes and sweets are quite reasonably priced and they sell like hot cakes without a doubt! As Meenal mentions, Baked is soon going to add more items on its menu and guess what, that's nothing less than good news for all of us, right? 

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