Don Hill Station: Waterfalls, Campfire, Trek and much more.

Attributes: Hill Station, Around the City

The pleasant weather has commenced and every now and then we feel like leaving from the work and go and enjoy the beauty of the nature. Forget going to cliché hill stations, we have one right in your vicinity. Located at the Maharashtra border at 33 km from Ahwa, Don hill station is on the plateau of the Dang forest. It is the highest point in Gujarat. 

Since it is located at a certain altitude, the Don hill station makes it yet another route for trekkers. Another major attraction is the waterfall here. Small streams of water running in between the rocks is one of the many things you can see here. Amidst the lush nature and rich bio-diversity, it is also a home to many tribal communities there. The climatic condition is ever so soothing here and minimum telecommunication accessibility keeps you away from the distractions. 

Be it a one day picnic with friends and family or a weekend getaway, this is one place you shouldn’t miss. There are few options for the hotels to stay as “Spend the night under the starry sky whilst living in a tent” culture is promoted here. The best time to go here is from the onset of June to September. At times activities around the campfire are organized to make the evening even more beautiful. It is during this season that the actual beauty of Don can be enjoyed.

So, hurry here this holiday season and enjoy the perks of famous hill stations of East and North India right here in Gujarat.

Location: 170 km from Surat (4hours drive); 50km from Saputara (1.5 hours drive)

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