Eat, Enjoy, Relax on Repeats at this All New Food & Fun Park

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Food Truck fans, your wait of ages is over now! Despite being tired of roaming around from one food truck to another, you did not allow your inner foodie to die, so, finally, the Gods have listened to you - here's presenting an all new dedicated food truck and fun destination that's recently launched!

Aptly called Surat Food Trucks and Fun Park - SFTFP, here you would find 8 food trucks nicely parked in a soothing open space along with a cozy Trampoline play area for kids - so no more hustling to different food trucks. Trust us, both for kids as well as the adults, the best time of your lives is guaranteed at this Park!

One of the distinctive specialties of this park is that the food trucks here serve food of different cuisines. Hence, you would never find anything repetitive on any menu. With Gurung Momos, Smokeys, Eat Me, Wah Bhi Wah, WTF- Where's The Food, Fusion House around, you would get a chance to savour fast food, Chinese, Chaaps, South Indian food, Coolers and more here!

With a splendid, open area, spacious enough to host your friends and family, you are sure to feel all refreshed at this all new food spot. To make your life a bit easier, let us suggest some of the yummiest dishes that can be ordered from various food trucks here:

Eat Me Special Khakhra Pizza by Eat Me:

Crunchy and decked with sweet, tangy chutney plus cheese, Eat Me Special Khakhra Pizza is just the right munch to eat after a grinding week you have been through. Plus super light to eat, you could order 3-4 of them if you are going at this park with your gang and you would not realize when the plates go all spick and span!

Paneer Cheese Roll and Nutella Coco by WTF - Where's The Food:

Modestly made with finesse and tucked with heaps of cheese plus paneer, Paneer Cheese Roll of WTF completely melts your bad mood in like minutes. And Nutella fans, you just cannot miss Nutella Coco which is served chilled with dollops and drizzle of Nutella - just perfect for the summer, no?

Mix Veg Chilli Momos⁠⁠⁠⁠ by Gurung Momos:

Finely steamed, Mix Veg Chilli Momos outrightly steal the show on the table, peeps! Coated with sauces, stuffed with veggies and smothered with chilli sauce, these succulent, lil things set your palate on pleasing fire. Must try at any cost!

Green Paradise by Smokeys:

One of our all time favourites, Smokeys' Green Paradise reinstalls your faith in the power of Pizza. Made from healthy crust of wheat, bajra as per your choice, Green Paradise is served with fresh sauces, broccoli and other fresh toppings. Pizza fans, you must order it!

Wah Bhi Wah Special Chaap by Wah Bhi Wah:

Quite popular already, Soya Chaap for every vegetarian is a delicious dilemma. Though it looks like it is a non-vegetarian dish, it is actually pure vegetarian and is made using ground soya chunks finely sauteed with masalas. And Wah Bhi Wah have already earned a named for themselves when it comes to Soya Chaaps. Wah Bhi Wah Special Chaap is what we ordered and were really delighted to taste its pungent, raw and uninhibitedly desi flavours!

Dabeli Dosa by Fusion House:

Yes, you heard it right, Dabeli Dosa it is! Presenting the best of multiple cuisines together, Fusion House serves daily specials. And the other day, we decided to try Dabeli Dosa. Stuffed with a fingerlicking spread of Dabeli masala, and topped with peanuts, sev, Dabeli Dosa is simply irresistible!

So, on that note, visit this amazing food truck and fun park this Summer, savour scrumptious food and relax in the breezy ambiance - happy weekend!


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