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Surat is taking a big leap in terms of development and urbanization, in no time this once considered quiet peaceful town, will shortly become a leading metro-city, and with the progress it’ll also bring words like tension and work pressure in the dictionary of a normal Surti’s. But, to fight that we already have found a solution, which’s imported from other metros, the healthy & delicious CAD- Shakes, only available @ Food Bliss @ Anand Mehel road!

CADs are quite popular in other metros like Pune and Mumbai, but all thanks to two NID and IIM Ahmedabad alumnis Surat now has its own CAD café called Food Bliss @ Anand mehel road. We can have the scientifically proven natural stressbuster “Chocolate”, mixed with all the nutritious goodness of freshly whipped low-cal milk! That too in such a budget friendly prices that you’ll surely order for one more (if you’re already not full with the first glass of it)! So without any further ado let’s dig in the varieties of bliss that this joint has to offer!

Now! Before we move any further it’s my duty to let you guys know what exactly CAD is! CAD is an ISO certified brand which doesn’t use any sort of synthetic preservatives, corn-starch or artificial fruit flavour or flavour enhancers! CADs just contain healthy and natural goodness of pure milk and fine chocolate!


A shake who’s name sounds more like the name of some legendary hip-hop artist or a DJ, it also shares a similarity with them, this shakes surely gonna’ make you move baby!  CAD shakes are available in two major varieties called CAD-B and CAD-M where B stands for bitter (as the main ingredient in the dark-chocolate) where it’s milk-chocolate offspring is aptly named CAD-M where M stands for medium )main ingredient is Milk-chocolate). The fresh milk thoroughly whipped in cold temperatures brings out its creamy, muddy cold texture of it, and in this Avalanche of this milky delight, are buried bitter-sweet flakes of dark-chocolate this shake seems like a chocolate flavoured snowy mountain in a glass, and the it’s taste brings it’s wild snow-storm inside your mouth as the thick texture of smooth cream sings a stormy duet with the bitter-sweet, soft chocolate flakes! The way the very first spoon of this delicious shake evenly spreads inside your mouth it automatically brings a blissful smile on your face! This variety is only available at this very store, so “check karna to banta hai boss!”

CAD-B Mastani:
Belonging from Pune anything that touches the pinnacle of aesthetic pleasure is directly compared to the all beautiful “Mastani” (yes the same character played by Dipika in “Bajirao Mastani”) and CAD-B Mastani correctly justifies the comparison. The same old deliciousness of dark chocolate kissed creamy CAD-B, served with a generous scoop of fresh cream chocolate-chip ice cream! The mouth melting sweetness and luscious texture feels like a spa treatment for your tongue! CAD-B Mastani is one of a kind experience, comfortable, rich and soothing!

CAD Day & Night:
Dark chocolate or white chocolate, a question that has been puzzling chocoholics for decades and is also the main reason which has evoked many debates amongst the chocolate lovers! But, finally this eternal inquiry has finally found an answer with this universally satisfying sweet beverage, CAD Day & Night! CAD Day and night has a binary colour, taste and texture, as it successfully satisfies two different cravings of bitter chocolate flavour and buttery sweetness of milk-chocolate in one go! This CAD provides you the best of both worlds, and composes and beautiful symphony out of these binary favours that elates your senses to the level of surreal ecstasy!

STOP Pizza:
I love Pizzas but there’s this one thing that irritates me to the core and that is the discomfort of one faces while eating it! The topping slip away from the bread and drops everywhere on your clothes, on the plate and even on the table, everywhere except the one place where it should drop “your own gosh-darn mouth!” But, thank you lord almighty this misery has been resolved by the ever amazing discovery of STOP-Pizza! A simple yet amazing improvisation on the traditional pizza by adding another layer of thing and crunchy pita bread! So this pizza-sandwich sustains the structural integrity of the toppings I mean filling, and delivers the ever satisfying taste of baked onions, tomatoes, and capsicum floating in the pool of melted cheese and garnished with dry herb spices right into your mouth without any delay or wastage! Voila now this why I love science, it makes life easier!

Now, this one is a treat for all you coffee lovers out there get ready to be tranquilized off your senses as you step into a trance like state with the creamy and smooth gulps of bitter sweet dark-coffee COCO-B, and be prepared to again be shocked out of it, when you get to know that it costs just 30 freaking BUCKS! This is one of the best and the most inexpensive cold-coffee I’ve had in Surat! Guys this one is a MUST, MUST, MUST Try!

Purple Rain:
Sweet fruity strawberry shake made from freshly crushed raw strawberries and fruity sweet strawberry jelly! You could actually taste the strawberry flakes sliding inside your mouth and submerging with the creamy shake and all this happens right inside your mouth! Thumbs up for this creamy shake!

American burger with fries:
Three layers of all American burgers where the first and third slices are layered with amazing veggie filling of Cucumber, onions, and capsicum! Topped with dry herb spices and the middle layer contains the delicious, soft and juicy potato-patty smudged in the mixture of mayo tomato and chipotle sauces! It’s served alongside with crispy masala fries and sweet-spicy tomato and chilli sauce! An amazing American delicacy served at budget friendly prices!

White chocolate grill:
This is one unique dish which you won’t find anywhere else in Surat. Deliciously crispy grilled sandwich topped with grated dark chocolate & the very first bite floods your mouth with oozing drift of white chocolate which bursts inside your mouth like eruption of a vanilla-chocolate volcano! Every bite of it is a heavenly delight!

Food bliss brings you amazing varieties at really really inexpensive prices! It has a diverse menu which can satisfies two people’s appetite in just 250 bucks! The CAD verities are so tasty and inexpensive that it could replace Surat’s own beloved cold-coco simply on the bases of taste and price compability! So if you want your friends to try something new bring them here and be generous enough to give a trat because surely you can afford it! Food bliss also take party orders for more details check the below mentioned details! So visit today and show your office or student ID and get FLAT 10% OFF on the total of the bill!


Shop No 9/A, Anand Mahal Apartment, Near Shreeji Arcade, Opposite Ascon Plaza, Anand Mahal Road, Adajan Road, Surat

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