Experiment With Your Fav Maggi At Maggevala Under INR 100/-

Have a scrumptious meal at Maggevala without burning a hole in your pocket.A perfect hangout place, the menu here is wide with all the dishes at pocket-friendly prices making it the top places to eat. 
Maggi has always been our saviour, at 2 a.m. or even when eaten disguised as lunch. It has become a part and parcel of everyone's life with its taste and flexibility to experiment and therefore at Maggevala you will find 25+ Maggi based dishes each as delicious as the other. 

If you are looking for a vegetable infused Maggi you must try the Paneer & Peas Maggi topped with spring onion, a perfect blend. Another variant is the Exotic Veg Maggi filled with exotic veggies like olives and jalapenos it is high on flavour and spices. We also tried Jalapeno and Herbs Maggi which was a classic combination. Savour the spicy jalapenos with the masala Maggi and enjoy the unforgettable taste! Our favourite was the Maggi Bhurji, made Bhurji style with crushed maggie, onion and tomatoes, a perfect home-made style dish. 

Apart from lip-smacking Maggi based dishes, we also tried the Pesto Pasta, an earthy olive oil based dish, it was topped with corn and cheese, a flavourful blend. You should also try the Cheese Cream Burst pasta, topped with oodles of cheese it is the best dish for a cheese lover.

Another dish we absolutely loved is their Monaco Toppings, which is Chaat prepared by using Monaco Biscuit, this crumbly surprise is topped with cheese and served. If you love Chaat, don't miss out on trying this dish. 

For everyone who likes to try different beverages, Maggewala offers umpteen drinks which you can enjoy with their food menu! One of our favourites is the Smooth Silk Shake, a sinful chocolaty drink, you wouldn't want to share. It has pieces of Silk and is sprinkled with choco chips, it is as heavenly in taste as it looks! Chiku Chocolate is another great drink, made from freshly squeezed chickoos it is rightly combined with chocolate to give it a twist and treat to our taste buds. If you want to go for something classic try the Orange Iced Tea, the tinge of orange with a dash of lemon makes up for a perfectly chilled drink on a sunny day. 

Have you tried Maggevala yet? If not hurry, your delicious meal awaits you! 

Address: G/1 Eco Futurz Mall, Shivam Society, Althan,New City Light Road
Contact : 097276 61119

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