Exquisite designer gown collection by Forever16

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It has become really difficult to decide what to wear to a wedding function or a house  warming party or just another family function, seeing the pace at which trends have been changing and so to dwindle your worries a bit Poonam brings to you her new collection she calls Forever16, making you feel elegant with an edge in these impeccably tailored semi stitched gowns. 
What sets her collection apart other then the exquisite hand word and the classy designs is the rates at which you are getting them, the gowns that you get for hefty amount of 10-15 thousands , here you will get it in super affordable prices that you wouldn't want to miss on. 
Her designs aren't only playing with the conservative definition of fashion with its glitz and glamor. Instead she is creating great pieces of art with her designs. The most interesting thing being that she is  amalgamating traditional ethnic wear with flamboyant and extravagant designs to elevate the glam quotient of the gowns. 
Her catalogue, Forever16 doesn't just focus on the intricate embroidery but equally keeps in mind the fabric play. 

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