#FirstEverInSurat: The Freshest, Eggless Macaroons to Gorge!

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Binge eating on cupcakes and bakes would seem all the more overrated the minute we reveal what has just got launched in the city! Macaroon fans yet vegetarians, give yourselves a tight hug because for the first time ever in Surat, Love Sugar and Dough has launched its all new collection of super delicious, flavorful and most importantly eggless macaroons that would melt in your mouth and appease your senses as soon as you relish them! 

Popular amongst the foodies of the city for its desserts, Love Sugar and Dough has its one and only dessert lounge at Safal Square, Vesu. With the scrumptious varieties of macaroons that they have just introduced, it is bound to become the talk of the town. So, let us tell you how are the macaroons that they launched with much adieu, okay?

Insanely crisp, yet undoubtedly goes and succulent, at LSD, you would different flavours of macaroons such as Salted Caramel, 
Lemon, Raspberry,  Nutella,  Belgium Chocolate,  Mocha and even Mint - can you believe it, because we still cannot!

Layered with the royal flavours of almond flour and glossy shells subtly layered with coconut, opt for any macaroon handcrafted at LSD and you are sure to drool over it!

So, rush to  LSD before the stock of those yummilicious macaroons end and make sure to munch all the flavours that we have recommended, okay?


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