Fun, Leisure and Learning Await Your Lil One at Kids Mania!

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The moment the kids grow up a bit, the first thing they want to do is act like adults and make themselves notice in the real world. Be it by playing Doctor-Doctor or by just being a policeman on a duty or a fireman who makes his/her way through crisis - Kids Mania, a lively, buzzing play lounge at VR Mall, lets your lil ones experience what it is to be a grown up in a fun and interesting way through all of those carefully curated activities, peeps! So, this summer vacation, go with your kids on a play date at Kids Mania and weave some life long memories!

Spaciously situated on the 3rd Floor of VR Mall, at Kids Mania, children have the opportunity to play different roles which will help them evolve real life skills. From Police Station, Bank, Construction site to a Hotel it has every department which a real city has plus lot of fun. Kids have the freedom to choose whatever they want to be, a Surgeon, Police Officer and with that the duties and responsibilities that teach children the importance of the designation. It has paved roads, and a fully functional economy that allows kids to make essential decisions. Kids Mania is entirely equipped with a trained team and set of CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of all their visitors.

Therefore, without any adieu, take your sunny boys and princesses to Kids Mania this weekend, let them enjoy their heart out and you are sure to feel elated by looking at their exuberant faces! Stop waiting and rush to Kids Mania, right away?

Address: 3rd Floor, VR Mall, Dumas Road, Surat

Contact: 0261 413 3429

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