Go To These Places For Your South Indian Food Cravings!

Cuisines: South Indian

Attributes: Restaurants, Family

It's hard to replace South Indian food with anything and when we have that craving we only want Idli /Dosa sambhar, here's a list of places that offers the best of South Indian food In Surat

Thalaivaa - Thalaivaa is all about tradition. It has a royal south Indian styled interior which is adorned with ethnic masks and more. They serve on a banana leaf with brass dishes and spoon.Thalaivaa serves some all new dishes like Sapad, Apam, Paniyaram, Ven Pongal, Sweet Kesri Bhaat, Daal Vadai, Lemon Rice, Payasam, Thattu Idli, Rasam, Chettinad Dosa, Adai with Avial and many other authentic south Indian varieties. Of course, they have regular varieties of Dosa, Idli, Uttapam, Upma as well, but it is all always worth to try out something new!

Address : G-1, Aqua Corridor, Near Star Bazaar, Pal Road, Adajan, Near Adajan Gam, Surat
or Parle Point, Adjacent Jasmine Galler, Surat
Contact: 9825169222

Banana Patra - A South Indian restaurant, Banana Patra has pitched up on Varachha Road and what we got to share a thing or two about it with you! Gape all you want, but you have come here to eat. The food is overwhelmingly excellent. Apart from their staples (Dosa, Idly and Medu Vada), we recommend you to go for their special dishes as well. Masala Idly sautéed with mustard and curry leaves gave that spicy fragrance when chomped. We were amazed to see a bowl-shaped Appam. Soft and spongy in the centre and crisp on the sides and the whole lot of coconut flavor gave that perfect Kerala-styled Appam. Thin, fluffy and lacy crepes, here comes another variety of dosa — Neer Dosa. Unlike the usual ones, this gorgeous white dosa is made entirely of rice and coconut. From the mains do pay attention to the accompaniments. Sambhar and varieties of chutneys (Chilli, Coconut, and Tomato) will spoil you further. You are sure to devour it alone.

Address: A 101 to A104 Apex Commercial Center, Nr. Yash Plaza, Gitanjali, Varachha Main Rd
Call: 095742 83000

Chennai cafe- The aroma of spicy and tangy tadka at one of the live counters at Marvella Corridor, Vesu, magnetised us. And the hoarding beside it listed out some of the amazing South Indian delicacies.One must try - Pizza Dosa: Really? Paprika? In a Dosa? Corn, bell peppers, cheese, herbs and paprika settled evenly on a crisp Dosa. Truly, a Pizza Dosa. If you are a health freak and are avoiding all-purpose flour (Maida), this Dosa is only for you. Pizza cafes, are you reading? You will have to come up with other options soon. Another great dish to try is - Khuram Puri Idli: There are very few South Indian restaurants who will serve you the authentic Idli. The Idlis were perfectly steamed and so soft. We hardly chewed anything. Khuram Puri, the powder chutney was sprinkled on the pure white savoury tiny cake-like idlis. And the dish was accompanied by flavoursome lentil sambar and fresh coconut chutney. We are sure to see you repeating Khuram Puri Idlis.

Address: Chennai Cafe, 48 Marvella Corridor, VIP Road, Vesu

Mr. and Mrs. Idly - They have amazing fusion in store! Must try - Idli Platter: With three assorted Idlis served together, the Idli Patter is essentially the mix of veggies, subtle flavours derived from the Kanchipuram cuisine - a must try if you are a true blue Idli Fan.
Tomato Rice: Nicely sauteed with raisins, cashew nuts, tomato puree and spices, Tomato Rice with a dip of Sambhar and Chutneys is a dish you must definitely indulge yourselves with.

Address: Maheshwari Apartment, Beside T&TV High School, Nanpura Main Road, Timaliyawad, Nanpura, Surat
Contact: 098244 22990

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