Have you seen this Blockbuster movie yet?

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Running Successfully! Chhutti Jase Chhakka is on! Have you seen this Blockbuster yet?


A Full Desi Gujarati Drama based on Cricket (betting actually)- “Chhutti Jase Chhakka” is the refreshing wave of cinema that we always keep waiting for! So book your tickets here: https://bit.ly/2lLBMem and get going!


At first glimpse, Sachin Thakkar seems to be a pretty ordinary Guy- cricket-crazy, discontent with belonging to a middle class family, wants something more, much more out of life!


To get it, he along with his friend enter the world of cricket betting - a seemingly easy and quick route to making a fortune. What follows is a roller coaster ride into a world they had never imagined.


Does he get something more? Or the story of his life haywire? Go for the movie and find out!

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