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Attributes: Furniture, Cupboard, Kids, Sofa & Stool, Storage, Tables, Others

What comes to mind when you hear the word LOG? For me, it reminds me of a big wooden log used by primitive men to develop the wheel out of it. Or you can think of Flintstones as well. But now in our era, we use rubber tires for cars and wood for furniture. This is what Log Story does. They create a product in wood with high precision and quality that the transition from the raw to finished product is a story in itself. 
Authors in the form of contemporary designers, visionary architects are bringing some fresh, chic and affordable designs to our furniture to suit contemporary times and fit into modern spaces. They have a highly skilled team of carpenters and artisans as well, who add value and strength to the products. The team of Log Story offers custom-made designs as well as their own set of products created by the team with well-infused detailing and structural strength. The few images shown are the range designed by them which can be made for you too. The manufacturing and service of the product are dealt with respect to the customer's taste and his idea of a perfect dream home where he/she wants to come back to after work. 
It is true that replacements for wood are available in the market in abundance, but for customers who seek pure wooden furniture and have a niche taste, Log Story will define your perspective in a smooth manner. They use pure teak wood which has natural oil, resists termites, fungal stains and lasts for generations. Flexibility to choose one’s own fabrics or upholstery, to choose the polish and to choose a color for the polish is their forte. Assurance is provided for the quality of everything ranging from quality of the wood, plagiarism of design, timely delivery and service thereafter. Interaction with customers regarding their requirements and convenience is given utmost priority before the designing phase itself. Site visits are taken care of with extreme warmth.
So, in a globalized world, where space management has become a cumbersome task and one size doesn’t fit all anymore, let’s invite Log Story home, because, for them, customization is the key, anthropometrics is the need of the hour and ergonomics is the new acceptability.
Address:  103, Wilson Tower,   B/h Agarwal Samaj, Ghod Dod Road,  Surat 
Contact - +91 7567669966 
Written by: Sonal Kaushal
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