Hungarian Spit Cake at Kurtosshhh, Vesu

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Imagine "Ice Cream, chocolate rolls, whipped cream, fancy fruits, cookies as a filling in your favorite Kurtosh"

Introducing Sweet kurtosh the Hungarian Street Food Kurtosshhh, Vesu.

Your fondness for sweets, especially for food items like ice creams, Oreo, red velvet, nuts, cookies with Hungarian Street Food - Kurtosh as a base, has come alive!

Kurtosshhh, G-46, Prime Shoppers, Opp. Safal Square, University Road, Vesu.| 11:30 to 11:30

Hungraian Food has already won the heart of Surat with their savoury Kurtosh, & now it’s time you taste their sweet delicacies which are mouth watering and absolutely delicious.

Small place but a lot to offer, and sweet kurtosh is a delight as it looks in the images, & the taste to satisfy your sweet cravings.

The oreo cookie kurtosh is a perfect overloaded chocolate with a scoop of ice-cream, crushed cookies and chocolate sauce. And just like every cloud has a red velvet lining, kurtosh has it too.

The red velvet kurtosh is good looking enough to make you crave for another one.

The menu for sweet kurtosh also includes:
Oreo cookie
Smiley and fun
Roasted Almond
Red Velvet
Tender coconut Chimney cake.
So, in a nutshell, you have over a long list of sweet kurtosh, along with their classic veg and drinks to complete the full meal.

A place that deserves to be next on your wishlist!

Address: G-46,Prime Shoppers,Opp. Safal Square,University Road, Vesu.
Call Jaivik: 88668 14695

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