Indulge in beauty and nature this Sunday at Gavier Lake.

With the onset with the monsoon season, the city has experienced a swift change in the weather. Dry and humid mornings have changed to cool climatic condition, and we can’t help but notice the beautiful flowers and migratory birds around Dumas. The best spot is the Gavier Lake.

Located at less than 10km from the city, this lake is a home to migratory birds, butterflies, and vividly colored flowers. Weekend is here and now you have a new destination for your morning walk. Go to Gavier Lake early morning and give yourself a chance to indulge in the beauty of the nature of our city. The lake is 1km in circumference and the flowers blooming amidst the water body makes an awe-strucking morning view. The lake is handled by Surat Municipal Corporation so it’s well managed and quite developed.

Many photo walks have been organized here since a long time. It is the perfect place for the joggers, morning walkers, enthusiastic photographers and nature lovers. Bask in the freshness of the climate here with friends and family or even all by yourself. It is the perfect place to go to when you need to spend some time with yourself.

Also, the famous Dumas beach is nearer to this lake where one can have the lip-smacking bhajiyas here every Sunday morning. So, this Sunday, make this as your morning destination and enjoy the gift of nature at the Gavier Lake. 

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