Indulge In Heavenly Shakes and Icecreams By Santushti!

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A major hit in Baroda and Ahmedabad, Santushti is finally in Surat to give our taste buds a treat! Their shakes are famous all over India, known for its thickness and creaminess. These luscious delights are pure since no ice cream is used to make them and compare to every other beverage parlour they guarantee unique premium blends without any compromise on taste. 
For those of you who have tried Santushti know that each and every item on their menu is irresistible, apart from their shakes, one of our favourite things at their store is the chairs! Yes, the seat of the chair is similar to an Oreo biscuit and is a delight to look at, their walls are adorned with reviews of Santushti in leading newspapers and by renowned celebrities, try it today to know what all the rave is about! 
Here's what we had and definitely recommend : 
Sitafal Cream: A natural blend of fragrant and sweet taste of Sitafal, it is creamy and smooth. With actual pieces of Sitafal in it, it has become our favourite for the season. 
Berry Berry Magic: What's better than winter? This shake! With the seasonal and all time favourite fruit strawberry, enjoy this shake's nectar-like taste. It is fresh and heavenly! 
Rajwadi Delight : If you love traditional flavors like mawa, rabdi, kesar, then, this shake is for you. A perfect blend of authentic rajwadi flavours it is topped with lots of dry fruits to take you on a royal trip! 
Swiss Chocolate Shake : Fan of white chocolate? You won't get genuine white chocolate shake with its pure sweetness anywhere in Surat except Santushti! Topped with whipped cream, each sip is luscious and heavenly.
Brownie Nutties : A sinful blend of crumbly brownies with nutties, it tastes as mouthwatering as it sounds. It is topped with cream and once you take a sip, you wouldn't want to share it with anyone. 
Davidoff Coffee: Davidoff is one of the most premium coffees in the world, rich in flavours and aroma, if you are a coffee addict, you should try this today! You won't find Davidoff coffee at any coffee lounge in Surat. 
Berry Kiwi : A tropical mix, this juice has the goodness of strawberry and Kiwi, it has the sweetness of berries and tart aftertaste of kiwi, it's a drink to relish. 
Haven't tried Santushti yet? What's the wait! Hurry and devour mouthwatering shakes today!
Address :  SAFAL SQURE , VIP ROAD , Vesu Surat, Gujarat
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