Introducing Scrumptious Salads At Cream 'N' Crust Cafe!

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If you are in a health frenzy but do not have many options to cater to your diet or if you are merely stopping yourself to not touch the pastry your friend has just ordered, head to Cream 'N' Crust Cafe and devour their delicious salads.

The place has a fresh vibe along with their decades-old legacy of serving luscious, spongy mouthwatering desserts. 

The Café is airy, and morphs into the place you want it to be; Rustic and laidback at times or vibrant and buzzing at others! Reminisce the old days and plunge into nostalgia with the Café’s video game corner. Be it Mario, Contra or Duck Hunt, the video game is filled with treasures. They also have board games, fun props and great spots for those perfect selfies!

The menu here is exciting and worth experimenting. We couldn't help ourselves by trying all the salads. All Salads contain their signature mix along with exotic flavours.

Here's what we tried and defintely recommend:

Salad Fresco - Salad mix, broccoli, corn, parmesan tuile with apple vinaigrette 
Crunchy Max - Salad mix, crispy paneer cubes, crunchy bits and house blend
Russian Salad - Salad mix, French beans, carrots, soya chunks with cream
Protein Pack- Salad mix, paneer, soya with hung curd dressing
Global Fusion- Spaghetti salad with a house blend of Asian sauce and soya chunk
Veggie Wonder - Mixed veggies with spicy Thousand Island dressing

Try the salads this weekend and let us know how you find it!

Address: Prime Shoppers, Opposite Safal Square University Road, Vesu 
Contact: 7405116666

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