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Just when we were bored of the same old cafes and coffee, a new Thikana opened! One of the first tea lounge in Surat, Thikana's passion for tea is quite evident and with more than 15 varieties of tea this place is a Chai Lovers paradise. 

With a quirky interior and menu, this place stands out as a fun hangout with friends and family.The walls are covered with "Ketli" and water itself is served in a copper kettle. We couldn't help but admire their hilarious menu filled with puns and witty quotes. This menu is a definite "Chai Pe Charcha" material. 
Talking about the food, here are some of the things we tried and definitely recommend : 

These tea are specially accompanied with a strainer and hourglass so that the tea can retain maximum flavour from the leaves before it's poured.  

Green Tea - One should always start on a healthy note, and if you are on a diet then you already know green tea's benefits are bountiful. We tried the Rock & Roll Green which tasted a little bitter at first but had an aftertaste of pure tea. The leaves are oxidized and rolled, then roasted to bring out the real flavour. 

White Tea - We tried Silver Needles, also known as Virgin Needles because it's unconquered by any added substance, one of the purest tea with a slight metallic taste, try it if you are interested in a unique experience

Masala Chai - The classic Masala Chai when paired with pakoda platter is a rejuvenating affair in itself. Have it when you want a trip down nostalgia. 

Assorted Pakoda Platter : Though almost any food paired with tea is a great idea but nothing beats the bhajiyaa clan. With Yam, Paneer, Chili, Onion, Pakode served hot and sreaming you just can't stop drooling at this match made in heaven. 

Oats Chilla  - A healthy delight, also available in the breakfast option.The Chilla just feels so light on the stomach and can be made with hardly any oil and therefore is one of our favourite thing to eat here. 

Dal Pakwan - Crunchy Puri and Dal packed with a punch of flavours that hit your mouth as soon as you take the first bite!

Paneer Tandoori Khakra Pizza - A fusion of all things good and yummy, this is one delectable dish, definite try for pizza and cottage cheese lovers.With paper thin khakra and oodles of cheese, this dish is one of a kind. 

Pink Sauce Pasta - This anytime anywhere dish didn't fail to disappoint us here! With the perfect balance of tangy and sweet, it was a dish to savour!

Planning a weekend hangout? Thikana is the place!

Location : Thikana, Union heights, near Rahulraj mall, Piplod, Surat
Contact : 099251 06626

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