Jai Jalaram Mayo Pav

Attributes: Street Food

Which Surti doesn't know about the Jai Jalaram Khaman, now let me tell you about the Jai Jalaram Mayo Mania. Everyone who stays in or around Ghod dod Road, very well know about the heavenly mayo pav at Mama’s.


A 5 min break in the evening is enough for you to come and grab this delicious cheesy pav. With the talent of mixing basic chips and kurkure with cheese mayo and garlic cheese sauce, this man has gained limelight and has become the favorite for students and youngsters of the area.


The varieties include garlic cheese pav, cheese chips pav, cheese kurkure pav, paneer cheese pav, chinese puff cheese pav, cheese blast, etc.etc. Sooo much cheese at one place! Now what else do you call heaven if not this !


This little place on Ghod Dod Road, opp. Shivaji Bagh, is now a well-built shop at VIP plaza, Vesu. So next time you want to try something new as an evening snack, you know all you need to ask is, where can you find, “ Vimalbhai Mayo Pav vala.” 

Tags: mayo, mama, vesu, ghodod

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