Movie Review: Tumhari Sulu

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Plot: A middle-class housewife, tries to find herself amidst her social responsibilities. 


+ A humorous first half that lifts your spirits.

+ Engaging plot that has your attention until the end.

- Sluggish second half.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


Cast: Vidya Balan, Neha Dhupia, Manav Kaul

Director: Suresh Triveni

Tumhari Sulu is an ebullient comedy that takes a detour into a family drama. Sulochana a.k.a Sulu is a cock-a-hoop middle-aged housewife living in the hustle bustle of Virar, Mumbai. A 12th fail woman, embracing each day with charm with an unmatchable dream speed, Sulu is the perfect example of a 'should be'  middle-class woman, finding joy in the little victories in life. 

Sulu, an expert in the 'chammach and nimbu race', marries Ashok (Manav Kaul) who have a son Pranav (Abhishek Sharma).Her family is a joyful middle-class one with smaller desires and spells larger of hilarity. All thanks to the humorist in the house, Sulu, who makes even grim issues sound like just another day. Sulu is one of a kind, but yet seems like the woman next door. Rather, might be the woman at your home! Always on a quest to do something of her own and with a biodata that incorporates just her hobbies on four pages, she is looked down upon by her twin sisters and her father. 

Yet Sulu's connubial life is like chalk and cheese with an amorous and respecting husband who gives into every new venture that Sulu takes up. While partaking in a radio contest, Sulu sets foot at a radio station where she learns that she can be an RJ too. Her argument, 'Mai Kar Sakti Hai'! She cajoles the station head, Maria(Neha Dhupia) who in her little screen space plays a credible character. 

Battling a green-eyed producer who wishes to train Sulu to speak in a sexy voice to become the listener's favourite 'saree wali bhabhi' to attend to the calls that pour in with naughty woes that Sulu tackles with her beaming laughter and tickling comedy. The director, Suresh Triveni makes one point extraordinarily clear, that a witty script needs a fine actor with crackling lines. There need not always be a brainless script with annoying characters. 

So far so good, but post the 'madhyantar', as they call it, the story takes an alternate route into the genre of family drama which somewhere leaves behind the essence of the slapstick comedy. Nevertheless, the repercussions of a woman suddenly finding herself in her life, with little or slight neglection to her family is what a middle-class family cannot oversee. Entering the sparkling world takes Sulu away from her husband and son, even though she gives in her best, which in turn leads to numerous barbs from her 'twinsies' who call her work unethical. 

Like any other common woman, Sulu also gives up sympathetic that her family needed her more, her son's education needed her more, her husband's ego needed her more! She almost does so, and then again she turns the events with yet another, 'mai kar sakti hai' idea. 

Vidya Balan is immaculate in her character that reveals her best and the unexplored side that so far many directors have missed.One might think, she has played the role of a radio jockey before, but, her role was overshadowed with the Gandhigiri. Sulu, on the contrary, is all Vidya! If not anything, the movie surely leaves one gleaming, that life can be lived with outsized strokes of craziness; that there will be rises and falls, but nothing should or can shatter you if you give it the bindaas and sexy mirth like Sulu does. Lastly, it leaves a ray of hope for many women, whose dreams are slaughtered behind the responsibilities of a married life to ram themselves for they are proficient of surviving beyond the four walls of a clean home. 

If not for the loose ends of the script in the second half of the movie, Tumhari Sulu is a runaway hit scoring brownie points with the stellar performances delivered by every actor. The songs are well sited and the dialogues, particularly Vidya's, leaves one wanting for more of those. If only a balance was maintained at par with the family issues! RJ Mallishka finds herself this debut, but I am disappointed in the fact that her role is no more than that of an extra! Why have a superstar RJ and give her not much to carry off? This left me wondering!

An out and out woman protagonist movie, Tumhari Sulu is a delightful watch for this weekend, and further!

Reviewed by: Hemali Adhiya

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