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The mention of Pizzas is enough to make one drool. The oozing cheese, the crunchy crust, sizzling sauces and fresh toppings make such a mind-blowing meal that neither the kids nor the adults can resist Pizzas. Surat does have many Pizzerias but baking the largest and the yummiest Pizza of the city is singular. Well, the record has been broken, ladies and gentlemen! Smokeys is a sassy food truck which serves first ever 40-inch Pizzas as well as small, medium, large, jumbo Pizzas, salads, garlic bread in Piplod, Surat.

Started by three childhood friends, Nehal, Pratik and Hardik, Smokeys serves handcrafted Pizzas which are baked in a coal furnace which gives an amazing smoky flavour to the Pizzas. They have more than 15 varieties of Pizzas, 4+ Garlic Breads and plethora of salads and all their Pizzas are thin crusted, crisp. Customers can choose their sauce for their Pizzas along with cheeses and bread (multigrain, wheat, bajra, all-purpose flour). We recently got a chance to visit Smokeys and here are our two cents on their Pizzas:

1) Smokeys Exotica

Topped with all the bell peppers, baby corn, broccoli, zucchini, olives, red cabbage, Smokeys Exotica even has a generous spread of basil mayo and liquid cheese. We loved its presentation and the crunch of its base with toppings. Just like its name, this pizza has a tropical flavour which literally fascinates you!

2) Tandoori Paneer

 This Indianized Pizza is spread with a pungent BBQ sauce, tandoori mayo and tender, marinated paneer along with onions, tomatoes, capsicum and coriander. And, oh, boy, every bite of it transports you to Punjab!

3) Royal Maharaja

This unique pizza is topped with brinjals, yes, you read it right! However, when you eat Royal Maharaja you do not feel that at all. Along with brinjals, even broccoli, sesame, olives, onions are used as a topping and thousand island sauce, chilli garlic sauce makes this Pizza more delish and pleasingly pungent!

4) Veg Supreme

All the veggie fans cannot miss eating Veg Supreme because this Pizza is so loaded with tomatoes, capsicum, baby corn, pineapple, jalapeno and to make it more enchanting, liquid cheese as well. So, when are you planning to eat Veg Supreme?

5) Mushroom Chilli

If you like spicy Pizzas then you better order Mushroom Chilli at Smokeys, people! Fused with chilli sauce, mint mayo and mushroom, green chilli, red capsicum, spring onion, Mushroom Chilli pleases the taste buds without a doubt!

6) Paneer Chilli

Paneer and chilli garlic sauce craft this finger-licking blend called Paneer Chilli. Spicy to the core, it has a delightful flavour of sesame, along with onions, tomatoes and capsicum. Already making a plan to eat this Pizza, aren't you?

7) Hara Bhara Firangi

Different just as its name Hara Bhara Firangi is a combination of thousand island sauce, capsicum, coriander, jalapenos and marinated paneer. It certainly presents the best of both the world and you cannot just stop eating this pizza once you taste it!

8) No Mercy

No Mercy, actually, shows no mercy when it comes to spice and flavours. Spiced up with Red Chilli Sauce, Chilli Garlic Sauce and beans, onions, No Mercy is simply amazing!

9) Garlic Breads

While we tried all the Garlic Breads, namely: Regular, American, Middle Eastern. We loved Middle Eastern Garlic Bread as it was full of olives, jalapenos, garlic sauce and sesame which made it totally mind-blowing.

10) Coloured Garden Salad

Coloured Garden is a spellbinding combination of fresh veggies such as lettuce, cucumber, bell peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, olives, zucchini, golden corn, red cabbage, olive oil and sauces such as Italian and Ranch. It is wholesome and yummy which totally serves the purpose for the health enthusiasts.

We tried different crust made from multigrain, wheat, bajra and they all taste scrumptious. Their service is quick and Smokeys vouches for cleanliness and hygiene as well.

What more could we ask for, foodies? So, this weekend, make sure to visit Smokeys, okay?

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