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A place which you can visit repeatedly? Jugni Fusion Bistro! We have already told you about their delectable never ending food menu, you should also know that they have a bar menu too. Umpteen exotic mocktails and heavenly shakes to sip on while listening to lively music and enjoying never ending conversations with your friends, it’s a hangout spot that shouldn’t be missed! 
These dishes and drinks were irresistible and you should definitely try it out: 

Masala Chai Shots – A chai lover? You would never had your favorite drink this way, the classic Masala Chai topped with a swirl of cream served on a shot glass, you won’t find this drink served with a twist anywhere else in Surat and experiments with Chai are our favorite kind of experiments, isn’t it?

Caffeine Bombs – One shot and you are good for the next 5 hours! We were surprised as it wasn’t extreme bitter and for a change loved the espresso served in a chilled manner, the coldness balances the bitterness perfectly! 

Guava Mary – It’s a tangy drink, we have the sweetness of Guava with the sourness of Lemon and we also tasted a slight hint of pepper which was a welcome surprise and made this drink refreshing! 

Jugnified Shakes:
Chocoholic- The one overdose we are all fond of: Chocolate! This sweet delight is filled with luscious chocolate topped with bountiful of cream and sprinkled with chocolate chips, it’s heavenly to look at as well as drink. You can have it alongside anything on the menu and it will complement the dish! 

Cold Coffee:
Nutty ‘N’ Nice- Nice because it’s yummy, creamy and cold and nutty? Well because of the special ingredients – HAZELNUT. If you are a Nutella lover then this drink should be gulped down and ordered again! It’s a chilled coffee to enjoy anytime of the day. 

Soup Cups:
Beany Soup with Pasta and Cheese- Hot, chili and peppery beans and pasta and cheese, this dish has beautifully brought together the best flavours of two food loving countries, Mexico and Italy. The flavours blend with each other so perfectly, it’s a match made in heaven! 

Jugnified Snackers:

Jugni Baked Potatoes with Teriyaki Sauce- Baked potatoes cannot get more yummier, loaded with cheese on the top they come with various sauce options ranging from Teriyaki Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Jugni Sauce, Bombay Green Chutney, Schezwan Only Sauce. We tried the Teriyaki sauce, a jelly like sweet coating which made the hot potato lip smacking! 
Khakra with Hummus- This was the combination we never imagined would taste so delicious! The Khakra sprinkled with Methi no Masalo is the perfect replacement to the Pita Bread, you have got to taste it to believe it people! 

Pizza Squares:
Mexican Bean Pizza- Pizza might have originated from Italy and is one of the best of Italian Cuisine but this one screams Mexican right away, yummy beans layered with cheese and a special sauce makes this pizza a must try! 

Sandwichy Stuff:  
Lebanese Crushed Falafel Sandwich- One of the best part of eating at Jugni is that you will never be bored of their unique combinations, we loved this sandwich layered with hummus and crushed falafel it was crunchy and creamy, an earthy taste just like a Lebanese dish should be, the tinge of lime was a well-hidden gleeful surprise! It is grilled and also available in whole wheat bread. 

Harissa Macaroni Sandwich- Mac and cheese might be the go to comfort food for your hunger pangs but nothing can beat this sandwich inspired by the same! A generous spread of Harissa sauce which is spicy over the macaroni and stuffed with lettuce it is huge and filling at the same time. 

Mexican Beany Burger –  A dollop of Mexican beans topped on the patty, fried and grilled, layered with fresh vegetables and completed by soft buns on both the end, this huge burger is enough to fill your stomach! It’s spicy and crunchy, try it out if you are bored of sandwiches and pizzas! 

If you still haven’t visited Jugni you are missing out on a variety of stately fusion dishes! Try them this weekend and let us know how you find it. 

Address: First Floor - Shop No. 1, Mitul Square, Opp. Rahul Raj Mall, Vesu. 
Contact: 9687170970 

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