Need a break? Dediapada is where you should be this weekend

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“Rest is not idleness,

  and to lie sometimes on the grass

  under trees on a summer’s day,

  listening to the murmur of the water,

  or watching the clouds float across the sky,

  is by no means a waste of time”


Its been a long long week, and now there’s a weekend coming and people are brainstorming their heads about where to go and what to do, and so what pops up in the minds of surti people are places like, Daman and Saputara. And so we are putting to your notice this heavenly place called as “ DediaPada”, Only 2 hours 30 mins from Surat, in these beautiful forest range you find the Ninai waterfalls and Shoolpaneshwar wildlife sanctuary. There are excellent trekking and camping options, especially after the monsoon season, when the area is most lush.


On the way to Ninaj Falls, the hills start and the mist-filled surroundings are breathtakingly beautiful. The bus will take you to Masaimot, which is on the edge of Gujarat border with Madhya Pradesh.



Get down at Masaimot or Sagai (with prior bookings, as it’s a eco campsite) and check-into the forest guest house, otherwise get down at Ninai falls stop and start walking into the forest towards water. Its a 5 km trek but the path is stunningly beautiful, you would find no one on the way, not even the bear which welcomes you right at the beginning through a hoarding.


So water animals this place is what you could term as heaven as you can submerge in water of Ninaj Falls for long hours, as this trip promises of taking you to your roots


The care-taker always stays with you and doesn't allow anyone to get anywhere closer to the big waterfall (apparently its extremely deep and three people have already died there).


Surat is located around 92 KM away from Dediapada so if you travel at the consistant speed of 50 KM per hour you can reach Dediapada in 1.86 hours

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