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Cuisines: Punjabi, Mughlai

Filters: Vegetarian Only, Outdoor seating

Attributes: Street Food

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Have you ever asked your mom what’s there for dinner with an ever existing hope of being disappointed? Yes, I’ve too, and seriously dinner with my family has started to become even more difficult, ever since my mom has started her diet! Soy-beans now that’s a main course that wants to make me quit the entire course like a dead-horse! But, what if I told you that once you visit this place you’d start loving soy-products? To take this one step further I bet you’d crave for it? You’ll probably laugh in denial and say that’s impossible, then let me introduce you to the one place which will translate No’s to Yes! Ladies and gentlemen we gladly present the “JOY OF SOY”

The reason to outset this Food-truck according to its owner Mr. Dhruv Mendiratta was to break the age old rumour which says that “The food could either be healthy or tasty, not both at the same time.” The man with the mission then designed a menu which had all the authenticity of his native Punjabi cuisines but instead of using cottage cheese, aalu and butter who skillfully replaced the main ingredient with soy products, in such a way that decreased the fat content and total calorie gain of the dish without compromising with its delicious taste!  The brain child of Mr.Dhruv Mendiratta finally came true in the form of a food truck today Joy of soy provides you with premium and authentic Punjabi dishes with the amazing health benefits of soy.

Soy has been considered to be a hippie favourite for quite a long time, thus it was never included in the mainstream restaurant’s menu but Joy of Soy has come up with such delicious cuisines that has the power to change the perception of the harshest of the critiques of healthy and nutritious Soy! Which for the matter of fact is not only the source of rich vegetable protein but it’s also rich with fibers and skin softening ingredient. So without any further ado let’s dive in the delicious variety of Soy products available at the Joy of Soy.

But first of all let’s discuss about its ambiance, being a food truck it has a very simple yet pleasant ambiance, which includes the outdoor sitting arrangement for about 20 to 25 people!

Wah-Wah Soy Chaap:                                                                  
Tender juicy and nicely roasted soya chunks are marinated overnight with curd, ginger garlic paste and Mr. Dhruv Mendiratta’s secret Punjabi home-made, dry herb masala! The seasoned and marinated soy chunks along with fresh capsicum, tomato and onion slices are lined appropriately on the roasting road and after roasting in it for about 20mins dry-clay tandoor. The crunchy, juicy soy chunk tikkas are then served alongside with raw onions and thick, spicy and tangy chilly-mint curd chutney! The first bite is enough to repent on hating on this delicious vegetarian paneer substitute for so long! The crunchy semi burned texture of outside and steamy, well cooked and soft texture of the tikkas instantly melt in your mouth and the generous garnishing od Chat masala, makes your tongue wanna go balle-balle with each and every bite!

Soya Tikka roll:
The mouth melting nutritious  taste of soy chaps is also available in the form of a roll! Grilled soy tikkas, submerge with the juicy marinated veggies and the outer coating or soft rumali roti, adds in extra point for the convenience factor as the nutrition of sabzi roti is effortlessly acquired in the form of a delicious roll! The recipe so tasty that you will doubt whether it’s made from something healthy or not!  

Devilled Stuff Chaap:
Bell pepper and cottage cheese mixed with delicious dry herbs and fresh cheese, and roasted while wrapped inside a smooth soft soy chunk-roll! And served with melted cheese on the top this continental/Punjabi marvel, dazzles your senses with its stark yet soothing taste! The taste of smooth cheese and spicy bell pepper mix shocks you to the core and then again dissolves your senses in the sweet serenity of sublime! 

Chap Lollipop:
The tender juicy insides, the coal flavoured crunch outer layer and the spicy sour margination that fills your mouth with every chunk, if you thought that this heavenly feeling was exclusively reserved for non-veg tandoor eaters than my friend you’ve never been so wrong! As your veg friend whom you always mocked for eating roasted paneer at a barbeque party has the golden opportunity to laugh back at you with this recipe! Marinated soya chunks roasted and served on simplistic ice-cream stick is par with its taste and nutrition quota with any of grilled chicken recipes!

Lachcha Paratha:
Authentic butter oozing steaming indian-bread, baked using the finest of skills into a hot charcoal filled tandoor! The Lachcha paratha was served alongside delicious and tangy tomato-butter gravy, which had the hot spices like garam masala, black pepper, red chilli powder, turmeric and coriander powder and cinnamon powder fighting to gain the dominance of taste! But in this delicious fight between masalas only your taste buds win! 

Amritsary Kulcha:
The same delicious and authentic Punjabi bread oozing with buttery delight, having a soft delicious stuffing of mashed potatoes, onions and freshly simmered green chillies along with dry herbs! Topped with the generous garnishing of coriander leaves! This two bread were fun to eat on its own but we at cityshor do not go with just good, we wanted to have the best thus we had these parathas alongside with chef’s special gravies, Dal-Makhni and Rogan Josh Chaap!

One can’t never praise enough about an authentic finely made dal-makhni the beautiful muddy texture absorbs your taste buds and takes them to the buttery Neverland! Moong dal was so finely cooked that it’ll dissolve on the tip of your tongue leaving more space in your mouth to say “Wah maza aa gaya!” with every preceding bite! 

Rogan Josh Chaap:
What could be a true substitute of “Butter Chicken”, If “Paneer butter masala” is your answer than you must be the guy who’d say Kim Kardashian is hotter than Emma Watson, guys have a freaking class! The right answer is the Rogan Josh Chaap, the same sensation of, the delightful softness of butter absorbed chicken, melting inside your mouth is re-simulated as the soya-chaap absorbs the buttery masalas and blasts inside your mouth like an atom bomb, while the soft cream (malai) rekindles your taste buds in the dawn of an amazing food-ride ! A mouthful of delight there no other words to portray this sensation, you gotta eat to believe it!

Pahadi Chaap:
If spicy food is your forte than this one’s gonna’ help you swing your sword for its maximum impact! Pahadi champ the same soy chunk tikkas marinated in coriander, mint, spinach and green chilly chutney and roasted to absolute perfection this one will surely give you a fiery mouth!

So guys if taste and health walk into a bar, than the bar would immediately transform into a food-truck called the Joy Of Soy! This place has unique varieties that’ll satisfy your foodie-indiana jones spirit where there also some traditional dishes cooked to perfection that’ll surely satisfy your appetite! One special thing is that Joy of Soy uses no packed curries, gravies, masala or sauces, it has a workstation/Kitchen which is three time the size of their food truck where everything is made fresh from ground masalas to tomato puree, which is the secret behind their ever refreshing taste! Joy of soy is delight not worth missing, they even accept special occasion party orders for catering! So, what are you waiting for note these details NOW!

Bedsides valentine cinema, opposite Rahul-raj mall, Piplod, Surat.


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