Over 150+ Pan Asian Delicacies To Feast At Kimchi!

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Introducing authentic Sushis and Baos for the first time in Surat at Kimchi! Foodies fond of Oriental Cuisine, Kimchi is your haven. 
As soon as you will reach the counter at Kimchi, the aroma will take your breath away, and when you'll receive your order and spot the chopsticks, you'll know you are at the right place. 

Even if you are skeptical of Oriental Cuisine, try their authentic dishes and you will fall in love with it. 

Start your dining experience with Tempura, one of a kind Sushi. It is a quintessential Japanese Dish specially prepared with vinegared rice and combined with varied ingredients such as exotic vegetables. Surties, now you don't need to travel far for authentic Sushis, have one at Kimchi! It is accompanied by Wasabi. 

You can also try Mongolian Fettuccini, which is a motley of rice, Thai pad noodles, veggies and nuts, a heavenly and aromatic concoction. The Thai Pad Noodles completely balances the crunchiness of the nuts. 

We defintely enjoyed the Hot and Sour Soup as well as Khowseuy in this chilly winter. Hot and Sour Soup is a thick brew of veggies, fresh tofu and exotic sauces. With layered noodles, vegetables, and coconut cream, the texture and taste of Khowsuey is unforgettable.

If you like a bit desi then go for Tandoor Momo, served with bell pepper and onion and marinated with spicy chutneys. Try it if you love the fusion of Chinese and Indian spices.  

Kimchi creates food poetry with their dishes or as they like to call it "Oriental Origami", try it for yourself this weekend! 

Kimchi is conceptualized by BrandIncept, a restaurant consulting team that has planned this from base to operations. 

Address : Food court - VR Mall, Surat. 
Contact : 7359334445

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