Quirky Backpacks For Your Kiddos Starting From Just Rs 1300!

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The Little Stack was created by three new mums with a vision to provide stylish, luxurious and hands-on bedding accessories for little ones. Born out of love for colours and patterns, The Little Stack is a home for quirky and catchy kids’ accessories that are absolutely stack-essentials today. With an extensive range of exquisite theme-based baby bedding sets, baby wraps, twin swaddles, hospital bag essentials, colourful muslin blankets, reversible baby nests and one-of-a-kind backpacks, Little Stack has everything for newborns, toddlers, and kids.

Seven months now and ever since the start, The Little Stack has been a true success story. When the first collection of witty backpacks was released on the social media page, it sold out immediately. The trio’s Little Stack soon became darlings for parents, kids, and individual who is essentially on a lookout for unique gifting alternatives. While playful and comical aesthetics may speak directly to the kids, the quality of the products is equally taken care. Muslin blankets are made from 100% cotton to cover the gentlest skin of babies. Sleep essentials like baby nests are made from the smoothest fabric that is an excellent gift option for the newborn. With an eclectic design & display in backpacks, Little Stack knows how to keep toddler fashion on point. 

Always opting for a whipped cream and cherry on top, the three kids’ accessories designer minds, attempted to take kids fashion to the next level. The Little Stack’s assortment is not only fun or flaunt style, but is also produced in a way that is kinder to the ecosystem and the people in it. With a combination of cute and stylish design and excellent quality, The Little Stack makes kids accessories that parents want to pick for their kids, and kids love to show. 

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Number: +91 8849579922

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