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Surat might be the only place where people crave for munchies after watching the beautiful rain out of their home or office windows. It usually triggers the wanderlust and an intensive urge of getting drenched in the pouring rain amongst the normal people, but if YOU crave for something spicy, or in the colloquial term something “Chat-pata” to eat, than I am glad to inform you that you sir are a true blue “Surti”. Well, the first option that comes to anyone’s mind is “Let’s go to Dumas and eat bhajiyas” but guys you’d be glad to know there thousands of other options that you can go for in such situation, and one of that option is “Gurung’s momo express”, near valentine cinema Gaurav path. It’s a healthier way to fulfill you monsoon-munchies, while keeping your taste-buds satisfied!

Even my rain time munchie for something spicy and I took the long trodden road of Gaurav-path to get what I wanted, Now as I swiftly started moving through the huge highway like four lanes of gaurav path, I saw flashy images of billboard, showrooms, malls and showrooms of expensive car but our eyes were looking for four letters painted or encrypted on small, not so flashy food wagon which were " M-O-M-O-S" the very name reminded me of the time when I had gone to a famous monastery of Dharam-shala and had authentic Momos there. I never understood why such wonderful delicacies were completely ignored by Indian mainstream food lovers, but then I guess it's a part of the common paranoia towards the entire northeastern region in general. I had finally reached my destination it displayed “Gurung’s momo express” and I felt the same feeling of overwhelming joy that a young child feels when his father takes him to the local-fare. And, that’s where we met Mr. Rajesh Gurung, the soul owner of this dream-wagon.

Mr. Gurung had an amazing story to share about his life, one of the many gifts that this food-wagon caters. He told us about his struggles that he faced before entering the food industry, he had been working in several famous restaurants as cashier for four long years, in Delhi and later in Surat. Yet, he always had the love for Nepali and north eastern cuisines deep inside his heart. It didn’t take long for Mr. Money-handler to realize that he had something, which Surtis would savour, than he took a bold step to leave his secured job and to chase his own passion. “My first step was quite bold for me” said he “But, the accepting and over enthusiastic nature of Surtis to try newer cuisines gave me a lot of courage!” Really, maybe that’s why Surat never feels the immigration problem, because our city might be small but our hearts are big, so big perhaps that everyone who comes here finds a place and inspiration to succeed in their own lives. After, the little heart-warming chat with Mr. Gurung it was time to taste their mouth melting delicacies. By the way, if you’re wondering what’s so special about “Gurung’s momo express” than I am glad to tell you that, this is one of the few places in in Surat that serves “Chicken Momos” & “Chicken Thukpas”.

Chicken Momos & soup:
Being at a momo place it’d have been crime if didn’t order a momo plate first, thus we ordered boiled chicken momos as the very first thing starring in our menu and we were happy  to know that they serve complimentary soup if you order momos, I was impressed as I had gone there for the first time and he had this awesome free handout just waiting for me there! The soup light very watery in its texture, garlic as I assumed was a dominant spice of this dish, but when I started eating the noodles from the bottom I tasted garlic and soya-sauce too. One thing which was rather peculiar about this soup was that the vegetables were not completely boiled they had their crunchy and juicy texture intact, as if they were served raw. I then realized that the vegetables must be put in the watery gravy at a very later stage of cooking. The momos were really hot and the outer layer was masking the actual temperature of that steaming stuffing. I obviously burned my mouth but I did explore that amazing sour and spicy blend of a typical Oriental dish. They gave us two different sauces both were spicy the orange sauce was more garlicky where the green sauce had the similar kind of Saur taste of which I mentioned about earlier. The momos were soft on the outside the steamed layer made from rice flour was masking the beautiful treasure hidden inside, the chicken was well cooked and minced, combined with the spectacular mixture of carrots, finely chopped spring onion and flavourful Garlic cloves. The tangy taste of the orange and green sauces blended perfectly well with momo’s taste they complimented each other like the winter and the blanket. 

I ordered thukpa, now to be honest I ordered this delicacy because it’s name had a kind of archaic and Ayurvedic feel to it, yes that's how I order food, now go ahead and judge me! You all acting like you ordered hummus on the side, on the very first time, consciously knowing what was exactly going come on your table. I tell you man there's something with the name of the dishes. Anyhow, for those who do not know what a “Thukpa” is then let me tell you, it's a North Eastern “Misal” without a bread. There were traces of all kind of different herbs, ranging from coriander to, finely chopped spring onions, and finely chopped fresh garlic stems. The base had noodles and chicken, accompanied by the bold and spicy watery gravy. Thukpa was really spicy and I am not the guy who is okay with spicy food, soon I started sweating and tears started to roll down my eyes. Finally I finished the bowl with the spicy-sour taste in my mouth, and pride for my own good self that I had finally made peace with my mortal enemy “Spicy food”.

Chowmin is basically hakka-noodles but there’s a subtle difference, It’s a little more dry and crispy than the mushy, oily and soupy Hakka-noodles. It takes a special treatment, to make these noodles crispier than other, and that is they are set out to dry under the Sun’s heat after they’ve been boiled, and they are made using less oil, sauces and ajinomoto, (basically they’ve put a cut on all the things that makes noodles unhealthy) and yet this dish has a mouth meltingly delicious taste, the semi sautéed taste of onions, green garlic paste and ginger, mixed with partially soft and partially crunchy noodles, and topped with finely chopped coriander and spring onion leaves, is sure to make a special mark in your heart!

Veg cheese roll:
The veg cheese roll or “Big brother of frankie” (as I like to call it) is basically inspired from “Kolkatti Kathi Roll”, which is a quite popular street-cuisine in the northern part of India. The Roti is made from “Cake flour” or Maida and its dough is made by mixing it with milk. The pan-heated roti is then filled with the delicious stuffing of onions, tomato ketchup, red tomato puree sauce, green garlic and mint sauce and cabbage leaves, than a generous amount of cheese is spread over it, which kinda’ resembles heavy rains showering over a beautiful patch of vegetation. The very first bite, when your outer incisors are rooted in the middle of this heavenly wrap, you experience the carnival of taste rattling inside your mouth, as the spicy and sweet sauces fill up the spaces between the crunchy veggies and the cheese just becomes a buffer that soothes all these random ups and downs, and all of this happens within the first few seconds. All I have to say is that the Veg cheese roll is a must try!

This little food wagon surely takes your taste buds on a long long journey, from north-east of India to the scenic country side of Italy. The Pastas are combined mixture of red and white sauce, which tints it in the fiery orange colour. Yet, the smooth creamy taste contradicts to it’s raging colour, it has the right amount dry-herb spices and perfect pinch tanginess (because of the tomato puree) jelling perfectly well with the penne pastas and it’s cheesy topping, all in all the long journey from Assam to Italy was completely worthwhile!

Gurung’s momo-express is a food-train (wagon) that reaches the destination of your heart via passing through the big tunnel of your mouth. The food was amazing, healthy and different from the routine stuff that you order. Plus, it’s completely inexpensive you could be having a tasty, healthy, tummy-filling meal in just 250 Rs, for two people. So next time if monsoon rains trigger a spice craving inside you, now you know where to go, do check this place out with your friends and family. It's totally worth your time and effort.

Gurang’s momo-express, Besides Valentine cinema. Opposite international business centre (IBC), Gaurav path, Piplod.


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