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The days are back when each celebration will be incomplete without a cake from Cream n Crust. Being a pioneer in this category since 1991, they have always lived up to the expectation of each and every customer who has walked in till date. We decided to revisit the sweet old times and create fresh memories with them. Here is what we strongly recommend:



Choco Crunch Pastry: Love chocolate too much? Want something more than just the regular pastry you get everywhere? Your best pick has to be this Choco Crunch pastry. It has chocolate balls in between which takes it to a new level altogether. It is a new recipe and the customers are loving every single bit of it.


Oreo Pastry: If you don’t believe it when they say that wishes come true then you should definitely have Oreo pastry on your plate. With the exact same taste as that of our beloved biscuit, we can now have it in the dessert from the best place in town. Need I say more about it?


It goes without saying that the Black Forest pastry and the Pineapple pastry has absolutely zero competition since inception of this place. You don’t even need to worry about the ingredients anymore. All the products are completely eggless here. They have always been the best when it came to the classic flavors and have no intention to change that.



Imagine a tart oozing out hot chocolate and topped with walnuts and oreo. The tart so soft that one is just not enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Their Chocolate Walnut tart and Oreo tart are something to die for.



The small delicious joys, which we never say no to, are cupcakes. The Chocolate-Orange cupcake and the Mango cupcake are the bundle of joy in the truest form. Unwrap happiness over and over again.


We all love the freshly baked hot brownie, don’t we? We have never seen anyone not fighting over the last scoop of this walnut brownie. It’s too good to resist.



Too much of sweetness for one go, right? They solved this problem of yours as well by introducing a wide range of lip smacking snacks for you.

Puff Pastry basket

You are sure to find all kinds of puffs here ranging from Veg.Puff to the Schezwan Puff to the Paneer Chilly Puff. Yes, you read it right. Name the variety and they have it for you. Each one is stuffed with a special filling made with the help of their secret recipe.


Burger and Pizzas

What do we even say about this? Isn’t the name enough fro these savories? Who can possibly ignore a hot cheesy burger and an Italian Pizza? Get either this pizza or a Paneer pizza or a Schezwan pizza and you are good for the day. We wouldn’t say anything more to this, because the name is enough.


Customer satisfaction is their top most priority. Be it in terms of their humble service or the pocket friendly menu, they actually believe providing the best of everything to each person who visits them. With a plethora of sweets and savories to choose from, Cream n Crust is definitely staying on our list of Best Places to Eat.


Address: Shop No. 2-H, Parle Point Place, Parle Point, Surat - 395001.

Contact Details: +91 9909996789

                            (0261) 2228929, 6548929

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