Take a weekend getaway to the hills and sea.

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Let go of the trips to cliché hill stations where you are bound to find the same old crowd from the city and set off for a new destination. Wilson hills is a densely forested region and the nearest hill station to Surat. Located near the Pangarbari Wildlife Sanctuary, near Dharampur, it offers many points and places to go to. It comes under the list of those hill stations, which gives you the chance to indulge in the scenic beauty of hills and sea at one place.


It is one of those places for which everyone says that you should enjoy the journey more than the destination. The road to this paradise is paved through the small villages, hairpin curves, steep routes and heavenly atmosphere all around. Once, you reach there is nothing more to do other than enjoying the scenic beauty and going to nearby Shankar Waterfalls. Make sure to carry your own snacks and sufficient water supply because there is not much to be found around here.


Monsoon is the best season to take a day’s road trip to this place. Go here all by yourself or with friends and you are sure to have a great time. This is one place, which defines sonder for me. Go figure yourself.


Location: 125 km from Surat, 25km from Dharampur.

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