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They have brought in something none of us every imagined would become a part of Surat’s glory, they didn't just open a splendid restaurant, instead it's a restaurant that floats and hence is called PIRATES VOYAGE- FLOATEL!

A huge ship that is converted into a restaurant, the lower floor of it, is packed with a restaurant area and a step down café area, where you can enjoy and peacefully enjoy the view around, whereas the top floor of the restaurant is open to air with a perfect ambience to sit and chill for hours with friends and family and enjoy the breeze brushing your hair and soothing your soul.

Wondering how would they manage to cook delicious food seeing the hardships they would have to go for it, we left it on our taste buds to battle on how the food tastes, starting with the soups they provided, expecting it to be a basic restaurant we were amazed to get so many different cuisines, they dishes we taste were:

Mexican chilli beans,( Soup)

The first sip and your ears open with the strong yet Mouth watering flavors, might taste a little spicy for all those who aren’t big fans of chilies.

Royale Thai soup,

Tangy in taste, this soup aced our taste test, with the innovative flavors and a new cuisine soup.

Veg. Kieu

Tasting a veg Kiev, is a marvel in its own, with perfect stuffing and yummy taste, this one tops the list of starts you would like to taste here.

Callajon Pizza:

Now this one was made us doubt the definition of how pizza looks and tastes , pizza bread stuffed with lot of cheese and veggies, give it a complete international which makes our tadkedar tongues utter those three magical word “ maja avi gayi” .

Thai Green curry and Rice:

This healthy, vegetarian Thai green curry features fresh asparagus, carrots and spinach! It's full of flavor and simple enough for weeknight dinners and blends perfectly with rice.

Moving to the Indian cuisine,

We has the Pirates voyage special Veg i.e. the combination of there different gravies of sabzi and with it we called for the bread tokri, that was made up with all different indian breads.

And not to miss the Biryani we had here was like no other we every tasted, filled with caramelized onions in between and flavored rice served with raita, the taste is splendid.

For sweets we had,

Umali :

This amazing egyptian dessert is the heavenly combination of creamy bread pudding and cinnamon nut stuffed baklava. It is a wonderful treat warm out of the oven.

Baklawa: This middle eastern delicacy is done complete justice with the authentic taste provided by Pirates Voyage and they take huge pride in serving such a wide variety of sweets.

This place is something that you have never experienced in Gujarat, the floating vessel is right on the Dumas beach at Kadi Falia. The water is shallow and when there is high tide, the vessel floats. And so they have a tide chart that rightly guides  you when can you experience the best they have to offer.



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