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Surat just had its first rains. The heavenly cold showers just don’t take the heat away from the atmosphere but also from the individuals’ nature. The bright sunny mornings full of passions and ambitions now take a sweet refuge of reminiscence behind the bearing clouds. The sweet scent of the slippery wet roads evoke an untouched canyon of memories, and that is when you decide to call up your buddies, instead of forwarding the good-morning message on your whatsapp group, and convey these meaningful words to them “It’s been a long times since we met, let’s meetup at Shambhu’s”. 

Ladies and gentlemen of Surat, we present to you not just a café not even a mere hangout spot, but a landmark that cherishes sweet memories shared with friends and loved one’s of thousands of Suratis “Shambhu’s coffee bar”. The story behind this café was quite unique as well, Mr. Nilesh Patel the owner of this joint, who has completed his college from Ahmedabad said that Shambhu’s café was quite a prominent name there not merely because of the ambiance or food it provided, but the friendly service and inexpensive rates made it a place of a usual hangout for people of all age and class, Mr. Patel correctly pointed out the lack of such place in Surat and thus decided to establish Shanku’s branch, at one of the Surat’s fastest developing area Pal, Adajan. 

The ambience and the prices list in its menu completely contradict each other, at first it was even hard for us to believe that prices could be this inexpensive at such a nice joint, it surely has the best under 100 menu in the entire city for sure, this was first time I had to ask any restaurant owner that why prices were so low, Mr Patel answered with a smile on his face saying “I don’t want people to plan a visit to Shambhu’s , the inexpensive prices helps people to visit more frequently, I want Shambhu’s to be every Surti’s central-perk.” 

Shambhu’s café allures the crowd from every age group and has a large enough space to host all sorts of events like birthday party, valentine’s special dates, kitty parties and even re-union parties. They also provide a facility where the café could be booked in advanced and decorated in a way that fits the occasion, that too in really-really budget friendly prices. Even though the place emphasizes on the ambiance of the place, which is surely setup beautifully with nice wooden chairs and tables with walls nicely decorated with beautiful quotes and paintings, the food still remains the best part about this joint. Now, without any further delay let’s get to the yummy tummy filling surprises that they have to offer.

First thing we tried from their menu was the Garlic Bonanza it’s one of those dishes which’s name conveys it deliverables and I like it when things are kept simple. Garlic bonanza is a crunchy grilled sandwich with spicy green garlicky filling made from capsicum, onions, potatoes and garlic of course, it’s served with generous topping of cheese and coriander, with spicy garlic-coriander chutney on the side. 

The special thin about this pizza was that the base bread had almost a biscuity crunch to it, the savory combination of onion, tomato and capsicum seasoned in sweet and spicy, tomato and chili sauce, shock and sooth your senses at the same time. This is something that you must try. 

Who doesn’t like the thin crispy french-fries absorbed in a mix of dry masala made from chilly, black pepper and other ground spices? Apparently, no one as the masala fries is one of their most favourite dish loved by their customers of all ages. The French fries made from really fresh potatoes provide such a prodigious taste that they are addictive, and it’s our challenge that “No one could eat just ONE!”

Soft spongy bread with delicious veggies such as black olives, pickles, tomato, onion and green capsicum almost soaked in an appetizing seasoning of Pizza-sauce and dry herbs, covered in the magma of mozzarella cheese packs a serious punch of luscious and tangy taste. The peppery sweetness was so hot to handle that we had to order a smoothie to gulp it down with ease. 

Oreo is now so frequently used in the desserts, ice-creams and smoothies that I think it’s about time that Oreo is provided the status of an independent flavour, just like vanilla, chocolate and coffee (and for some reason strawberry), The thick and creamy shake restores the balance of taste inside my mouth with its smooth creamy texture and genial sweet taste. The best part about this drink is that it bring little crushed flakes or Oreo inside your mouth with the sweetly bitter coffee with every slurp, the wanted disturbance of Oreo flakes from the shake’s lucid texture makes the world stop for a second while it forces you to close your eyes with every passing gulp when you try to upload that feeling of joy in your sub-conscious just so you could cherish that memory forever. I swear to god, if death ever occurs, this is what I want to feel like forever after that.

This flavourful and saucy continental delicacy brings back the classy cuisine of fresh veggies mixed with, mayonnaise and cheese, garnished with dry herbs, in the form of a club sandwich. This variety of English sandwich will surely enchant you when the hot oozing mix of mayo-and-cheese would overwhelm your taste buds by tranquilizing it in a perpetual state of sweet-surrender. 

Tell me what’s better than the combination of Bournvita, cold-coco and coffee? Absolutely nothing! This smooth combination is sure to transcend your soul into another plane of consciousness. This beverage is unique as it’s one of the very few verities that has been built around Surat’s favourite beverage Cold-coco. This beverage is so amazing that it should be criminal, not to try it. 

I’d like to conclude by saying that, if you ask me a reason why you should visit Shambu’s Cafe, I’d ask back for a reason why not to? This place has great ambience it’s situated in a neat locality, it’s open for all, it’s open till late and the best part about it is that, it’s really-really cheap. In JUST 150 to 200 RUPEES one could have a tummy filling meal here, so what are you even waiting for? Come to Shambhu’s café with your friends, families or even colleagues and start creating unforgettable memories. 

Shop No. 5-6, Suryoday Complex, Kalpana Chawla Marg, Beside D-Mart, Near Karan Park, Next To TGB Circle, Adajan Gam, 

0261 699 4444

Check out their FB page for more details:

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