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Some moments are so special, we want to capture it forever. Be it a birth of a new born, the first time we met someone special or the most important events in our lives. We never want to forget these moments and therefore La Memoire helps you freeze those memories by casting it into 3D form and cherishing it for lifetime.

Anuja and Harini, artists by heart leave no stone unturned to create an elegant 3D cast filled with fondest memories. First they take the impressions of hands and feet, then cast it flawlessly into a 3D form, every little wrinkle and crease is captured beautifully on the cast and then finished with the metallic colour of your choice .

Based upon your requirements it is presented in a 3D frame or as a freestanding sculpture. Apart from the actual structure they provide a wide array of options from frame colors and design to an engraved name plate. You can also include a photograph in the frame if you want, they have collaborated with a premium photography studio to make the finished product exquisite and timeless.

The material used to cast is organic and of highest quality it is made of seaweed to ensure safety, even if the baby wiggles the mould sets quickly and makes a fine impression of the hand or feet. These cast makes a perfect keepsake be it a Birthday, Anniversary, Gifts to grandparents, corporate gift or any other important milestones in your life, a truly magical way to freeze the moment and make it more special! La Memoire also provides gift vouchers for you to give a perfect gift to your favourite person. 
Have a milestone you need to capture? Book an appointment with La Memoire and freeze your moments in time! 

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