The New Menu of Let's Meet Cafe is a HIT on the Taste Buds!

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The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new. Evident to this ideology, back in 2016, a new cafe in Surat gave birth to a whole new experience in the world of french fries! Let's meet cafe has been around for over a year now, and they've definitely managed to pave the way to Surtis' stomachs through their unique flavours of French Fries.
Sure enough, all of their flavours have been a hit amongst us Surtis. However, for the co-founders of Let's meet cafe, to improve is to change; but to be perfect is to change often. With this as the driving force, Let's Meet Cafe has revamped its existing menu with a wide variety of delectable fries!
We, at Cityshor Surat, are constantly on the lookout for the up and coming happenings in Surat. And once we heard about the new menu at Let's Meet Cafe, our team went down to engage in a first-hand experience of the scrumptious dishes!
Here's what we had-
BBQ Signature Fries:
Fries covered with barbecue sauce and an in house sauce, topped with fresh spring onions! A fine mix of well-balanced flavours, each identified uniquely in every bite! 
BBQ Cheese Fries:
A mixture of generously spread barbecue sauce and cheese sauce, it had the flavours of both the sauces blend well and a fine twist to the overall flavour of the fries.
BBQ Cheddar Fries:
As the name suggests, this is a mix of fries covered in barbecue sauce and cheddar sauce. The flavour of the cheddar sauce particularly stands out, so this is a definite recommendation to all cheese lovers!
Nachos Fries:
A house blend, of tomato and cheesy flavours, along with nachos topped generously all over, is a tangy and mildly cheesy mix. Curly fries and nachos to top them with - a particularly delicious combination, indeed!
Cheese Corn Fries:
A mix of in house sauces-Tangy, cheesy, spicy all in one, topped with sweet corn kernels and garnished with spring onions and the cheese- a combination of flavours that would definitely zest up your taste buds, and leave you wanting for more and more! 
With such new and emerging places constantly keeping abreast with changes to cater to Surtis' taste buds, we definitely recommend Let's Meet Cafe for a quick fix to your hunger pangs! Because, as they say at Let's Meet Cafe - "Bad days are best forgotten with the Fries!"
Address: G-30 Safal Square, Nr. Maharana Pratap BRTS,, Udhna Magdalla Rd, Vesu, Surat, Gujarat 395007
Contact: 093283 62562
Author Credit: Devki Desai
Picture Credit: Rudraksh Thumar
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