This Diwali Break Visit Surat's First Poolside Eatery!

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Ingredients to make a great get together? Good food, good people, and a pool. For the very first time in Surat, Glorinaa Temptation at SNS Glorinaa Valley brings to us the best of all. Experience the ultimate dining experience just a 20-minute drive away in Sachin. 

They not only have poolside seating but with the Cabana seating on their terrace, you surely feel like you are in Goa! If you are planning a kitty, birthday party or any occasion to celebrate, this is the place, trust us. You and your friends will be in total awe. 

A gigantic pool, a cascading waterfall and the wind makes your day. You would lose yourself in their serene and pleasant ambience. It's a feeling, not to be missed. 

Their menu is equally scrumptious with options in Jain food as well! Here's what we tried : 

Chocolate Smoothie - Chocolate is enough, isn't it people? Nothing stops our hand when it comes to chocolates, we devour it with utmost love. This smoothie is creamy and luscious. A drink that will take all your worries away! 

Watermelon Blossom - This freshly squeezed juice is a delight on the taste buds. Sweet like a nectar it is the best way to start your evening! A vibrant drink with a vibrant taste, try if you are a watermelon fan!

Veg. Hakka Noodles - There's nothing like a steaming bowl of perfectly cooked Hakka Noodles, it had all the right amount of spices and each bite was a delight. The enhanced taste of spring onion truly made this dish iconic and our favourite. 

Corn Cheese Balls - A cheesy, melt in your mouth starter, this dish has oodles of melted cheese. The sweetness of corn balances the tartness of cheese and creates a heavenly blend, try it yourself. 

Paneer Peshawari - As much as we try, nothing fills our stomach and heart like traditional Indian food. Finely diced paneer cubes in a lip-smacking onion cashew gravy, this sabzi is for all the paneer fanatics. We had it with perfectly cooked Kulcha that was filled with sesame seeds, we give this dish 5 out of 5 Shors! 

Veg Handi - For all those who have had enough Paneer, go for Veg Handi, a smooth blend of varied vegetables, it is spicy, pungent and oh so tasty! Have it with Tandoori roti and make your dining experience more special. 

Veg Biryani - Basmati rice cooked to perfection you wouldn't want to share it with anyone. The aromatic flavour is enough to arouse you, savour this dish with tangy and smooth vegetable raita!

Like we said, the menu here is never ending, there's something for everyone. So give your taste buds a treat and visit Temptation today! 

Restaurant timings: 6:30 to 10:30 (Monday Closed) 
Address: Glorinaa Temptation, at SNS Glorinaa Valley, Sachin, Surat-Navsari road.
Phone : +919978606997

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