This Diwali, Enjoy a Vacay at this Splendid Vineyard!

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Not all of us have the luxury of going out on a long Diwali vacation. Because of so many constraints of time, money, and other problems; a lot of times we have to settle for a small and cozy vacation. Small vacations are great, taking just 2-4 days of your life; small vacations give you your perfect getaway with family or friends as well as the much-needed break. 
If you are looking for one such small and beautiful vacation, we recommend you to head out to the sprawling Fratelli Vineyards in Akluj. An almost ten-hour drive from Mumbai, you can get to the Fratelli Vineyards via the NH8 highway.
There, you will find plenty of wine, food, and proximity to nature like never before, making it the perfect getaway from the city.
The vineyards in Akluj to the south of Pune are spread over 240 acres, with 350,000 plants over 330km of the trench line.
 This is how a getaway at Fratelli Vineyards will be the best decision you made this Diwali.
An all-inclusive package of two nights and one day by the Fratelli Vineyards gets your trip perfectly covered.  You not only get to see the stunning vineyards but also be a part of the wine tasting sessions, go on vineyard tours, relax in luxurious stays and eat the scrumptious food. There’s are also other indoor and outdoor recreational activities one can indulge in.
The trip to Fratelli Vineyards will transport you to a completely different world and give you a very memorable experience. For the 2-3 days that you will spend there, you will completely forget all your life problems; get transitioned to a zone which is devoid of all the worldly disturbances. It will be like the vacation you have been asking for! 
Distance: 10 Hour drive from Surat
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