This DJ Hall Is Here to Make Your Weekends Better!

Cuisines: Continental

Attributes: Bars/Pubs

Most of our Saturdays are spent cribbing about what we can do, right? Introducing the newest party place in town “Glorinaa-The Echo “It’s time to put on your dancing shoes and wear your best, The Echo is all set to rock and roll. 

For all those times you wanted to party and had nowhere to go, Glorinaa-The Echo is the perfect solution to it. It has a high end club setting with a mocktail counter situated at the corner. Your body will move instinctively to the rhythm of loud beats, under the flashing lights. 

Be it a birthday party, anniversary or any occasion you wish to celebrate, have a happening party at Glorinaa-The Echo and make it memorable. You can even bring your own DJ to set ! 

With a customized menu and delectable food options to choose from, make your party entirely according to you. Make this your next party spot!

The stage is set, DJ is ready, it’s time to party! 

Address : The Echo, at SNS Glorinaa Valley, Sachin, Surat-Navsari road.

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