This Eatery In Adajan Has A Pizza Fountain!

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Surti's Hangout is another great addition to cafes in Adajan. Situated opposite Pal RTO this eatery has a pizza fountain as it's specialty dish. No, pizza doesn't flow like water in a fountain (i wish). Pizza fountain is a pizza placed over another. What's better than 1 pizza? 2 pizzas!

It's a quaint place with picturesque walls showing our beloved city's history. A comfortable mood sets in as you walk inside this eatery. The setting of the place is simple and decent with balloon and flowers all over the place. You can either sit on the swing chairs or request for the special table covered with white curtains to spend some quality private time with your loved one.

There's a lot to choose from their fully loaded menu but here's the best of what they serve:

Virgin Guava Mary: A tangy refreshing drink with the taste of fresh guavas which are a really good thirst quencher. The rim of the glass is covered with salt which adds to the taste of the drink.

Rock Bottom: Energize yourself with this Red Bull based drink.It's fizzy and has a sweet aftertaste!

Oreo Shake: All oreo lovers in the house say yay! Classic milkshake of everybody's favorite Oreo biscuits. Order this to indulge in some sweet delight

Paneer Shashlik Sizzler: Soft paneer cooked to perfection with the perfect combination of veggies such as tomatoes, green pea, peppers, and broccoli which comes with a portion of rice and patty. Load up on this nutritious sizzler to fill that ravenously hungry stomach.

Fountain Pizza: A regular pizza topped with a cheese pizza. The cheese dripping over the pizza is a treat for your eyes as well as taste buds.

Surti's Hangout offers discounts which you can't miss. Get Bavaria Beer only at INR 99 during Happy Hours. Also don't forget to ask for their toothsome and filling combo meals. Walk in and make Surti's Hangout your hangout place.

Address : 14-15, Marvella The Business,, opposite Pal RTO, Pal
Contact : 9321220312

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