This New Thrilling Jurassic Park Is Just A Few Hours Away!

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Wanted to visit a Dinosaur-theme park ever since the hit Speilberg movie came out and thought it would be never possible in India? Well, it's time to fulfill that childhood dream in India itself as Rainbow Land Parks, a Jurassic Park themed park opens soon in Lonavala near the Pawna Dam, which will be an hour drive by expressway from Mumbai and Pune.

With the purpose of edutaining ( educate + entertain ) people about the history of the greatest, most diverse and successful class of land vertebrates ever, this amusement park with the slogan “live the adventure” will have 3 theme parks within it, initially. Madan Patil, the creator wants to make sure children get the message about wholesome entertainment, good habits, useful hobbies, and healthy food choices.

The park’s overall theme is that of a journey of exploration on a live steam locomotive, where guests depart from the main station to visit themed mountains and islands, all emphasizing adventure. Madan Patil’s Dinosaurs Park plans to host approximately 10 million guests annually, ranking it among the first ten amusement parks in India.

Rainbow Land Parks at Lonavla is home to an exciting array of themed attractions. It's biggest attraction would be the Dinosaurs Park, stretched over 6.5 acres of land which will feature a variety of dinosaurs that are made life like with the use of robotic devices to emulate the animals. The park will also feature dinosaur related activities and events.

They don't just stop there. There will also be an outdoor wax museum, a miniatures park as well as a chocolate factory tour with Willy Wonka as your tour guide (the last part's not true). Not only chocolate, tour the cheese factory, the fudgery, and the winery too.

Plan a trip to this thrilling Jurassic Park themed amusement park in advance to see T-Rexes, Acrocanthosaurus, and many more only at Rainbow Land Parks.

Address: Pavana Dam Road, Aundhe kh., Maharashtra 410401
Hours: · 9AM–12:30AM
Phone: 097623 50119

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