Top-5 roads of Surat which badly need a petrol-pump!

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Imagine! You’re riding your lovely two-wheeler and suddenly your eyes notices the little fuel-indicator that’s almost on the verge of touching the letter “E”, you’re feeling tensed now the vehicle could die on you  at any given second, you start analyzing the map of the locality, searching the traces for the nearest gas-station. But, if you’re riding on one of these roads, you know you’re running straight out of luck, as these roads do not have any petrol pump on either side of it for a long long distance!

Yes, sir we are going to talk about a matter which is “Oft’ felt, but ne’er so well exprest'!” the lack of gas stations in major and newly developing or developed, parts of Surat!  Surat, is a rapidly expanding City and our municipal corporation aptly takes pride on City’s sound and advanced town-planning, as our town planners always think a step ahead foreseeing and eliminating crucial inconveniences like growth in traffic and essential lack of public transport, before it even occurs!

But, the question remains that do the investors have the same prediction as our governing body while putting extra emphasise on newly developed area and/or facilities? Maybe not as the roads that we are going to mention are already built and are usually covered with heavy-traffic but still need basic essentials such as a gas station or even a petrol pump. So, here are the top-5 roads that badly need a petrol pump.


  1. Ghod-dod Road:
    one of the earliest developed road and still one of the most significant commercial and residential area sadly lacks one of the most basic amenity such as a petrol-pump! It’s a surprise how no one ever thought about starting a one there, considering the kind of posh locality it is known to be, it’s sad that the proud and posh Ghod-dodians still have to be dependent upon either City-light or Athwa, to fuel their expensive cars and bikes!

  2. University Road
    I am not talking about the entire Udhna magdalla stretch but specifically the university road there’s no fuel station on the road and the visitors who come there from the Vesu side might not find a single gas station for round about a good distance of 2 kms! If you crash your vehicle here it’ll suffice for gym class that day, that’s for sure! Surprisingly this road is usually filled with young bloods as it offers great educational, economical and recreational privileges still the lack of a gas-station in such a well-known area still puzzles us a lot!
  3. Dumas Road:
    This one is as obvious and strange as it gets, the last gas station is opposite SVNIT campus, from there to Dumas beach is a 15km long stretch and one of the most frequently visited place by Surtis that doesn’t have any gas station, imagine you’re vehicle giving upon you over there! You’re doomed in such situation to say the least!
  4. Canal corridor:
    Again one of SMCs biggest achievement was to convert the highly damaged, sloppy and potentially hazardous canal into a smooth and quick ride, mainly developed for the BRTS project stretches from Anuvrat dwar to parvat patiya and beyond yet excepting anuvrat dwar there’s no single gas station on this very road stretching for round about 13 kms! The weirdest part is the open free spaces, which haven’t been utilized in anyways and still there’s no gas station there!
  5. VIP Road:
    Surat’s fastest developing commercial and residential area sadly lacks a gas station! Now we can give it the benefit of doubt because of two major factors one that it’s still a relatively new area so investors might have their doubts, and secondly there’s a gas station which is on the conjoining point of state-highway and starting of VIP road! Still guys we all know that it’s not enough! Or is it?

Our intention here is not to criticize anyone in any manner but to provide a decent exposure on mundane yet essential problems that every Surti faces every day. Moreover it could be a truly meaningful data for young zealous investors who are planning to invest in such prospects. Which other place you think badly needs a petrol pump in Surat, tell us in the comments below, till then stay safe and keep checking that fuel indicator to save your time and efforts, ciao! 

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