Top 5 Vadapav places that you need to visit!

A dish originated in Mumbai, as easy to make and convenient to enjoy as any other fast-food recipe! Through the years the dish’s popularity has grown from the streets of Mumbai to entire west-coast of India, this simple, affordable and mundane food variety has its own fan-following in Surat too! So, let’s check out places which are famous for serving this warm, soft, and spicy cloud, the desi fast-food Vada-pav!

Surtis are famous for adorning their unique happy go lucky lifestyle which has a comforting and welcoming tone to it! Thus, unlike other cities Surat doesn’t feel the immigrant problem as Surti lifestyle is so rewarding that everyone enjoys blending into this magnum opus stream of chaotic festivity!

Surtis consider life to be a festival thus even the most mundane recipes have exotic qualities to it, Surti vadapav is much different than the original, vadapav of Mumbai. As bumbaiya-vadapav doesn’t have a generous dressing of butter on it! It doesn’t use the green-garlic chutney, the vadapav stuffing is not this well-cooked, and they don’t use mustard seeds while frying the potatoes and thirdly its usually served with tamarind chutney instead of ketchup, even the chillies that they serve on the side are either raw or are directly fried and garnished later with salt, the special “Marcha-na bhajiya” are only favourite amongst the Surtis! And certainly they do not have this variety called double-cheese grilled vada-pav commonly available in Mumbai!

 Thus, our intensive and thorough (?) research shows that Surtis have modified the original recipe at such an extent that it wouldn’t be wrong to call it our own! But, to acknowledge its place of inception and clear superiority in the field of variety of this single product we are bound to give Mumbai its due credit! So, without wasting any time lets dig in to acknowledge these mouth-watering landmarks of Surat!

  1. Vishali Vadapv: (Old-Surat, near Rupali cinema)
    Perhaps Surat’s most famous, most successful vada-pav brand, which has the highest number of stationary outlets around the city! Vishali vadapav is famous amongst every Surti because of its spicy “Masaledar” taste and delicious sauce! Even though being a vada-pav joint having multiple stationary outlets around the city tells you enough of its authenticity and assurance of product quality approved by the majority of the crowd!

  2. Pinky Vadapav: (ghod-dod road)
    If you’re from ghod-dod or any adjoining area , or if you had your school, tuition or office near ghod-dod than its hard to miss the famous and one only vadapav place, Pinky vadapav! The Pinky-vadapav got its name from the gift-article showroom behind it, but today pinky vadapav is marked as a favourite amongst foodies of all ages! Most importantly the Chinese-puff-pav varieties is something that people crave for, if you’re a true surti it is must to try this outlet at least once in your lifetime!

  3. Rangila Vadapav: (Jogger’s track)
    Surtis can’t comlete their fitness routine, without fittin’ these delicious vada-pavs served at rangila! Situated at the very start of the jogging track this place provides motivation to all those who follow a strict diet that their cheat meal of Sunday lies right next to their workout destination and constantly reminds them for what they are working so hard! Do not miss out its special cheese grill with coco it’s sinfully satisfying!

  4. Shree Sai Bombay Vadapav: (Parle-point)
    If you studied at the experimental school or C.C.Shah then you’ll recall this place as your after bunk hangout! The name even though being long suits it as it metaphorically communicates the long queues that keep on swarming this joint around any part of the day! This joint is relatively new and is amazing in terms of the product they serve! Ek visit to banta hai boss!

  5. Raju Cha-cha vadapav: (Adajan)
    Undoubtedly the most famous vadapav joint of Adajan area, a memorable place for Bhulka Bhavan and Navyu college students! Raju cha-cha vadapav to my surprise is still quite an unknown name amongst the other areas of Surat. Well, we hope this mention does the proper justice to it, and we hope they gain visitors all around the city!


Do you agree with our list, there are of course other places which we must have missed, tell us about them, tell us what you think about our list! Take care, and keep munching!


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