Trek Through A Waterfall To Reach The Scenic View@This Fort!

Attributes: Adventure, Weekend Getaway, Around the City

WHERE : While many of you have been to the waterfall and basked in the cascading water, or trekked a fort to reach a breathtaking view, we bring to you Visapur Fort! A trek inside the waterfall, Visapur Fort in Maharashtra just few hours away from Surat is a place to be. 

Only during the months of August and September this waterfall generates on one of the pathways of the trek and creates an interesting adventure for the trekkers, it's blissful to look at and mesmerizing to be there. 

An amazing 360 view awaits you on the top, you can also look at the Pawna Dam which is a vision in itself! The trek is also fairly easy therefore it's a trip surrounded by lush green grass and smell of wet mud. A picturesque place just few hours away!  

HOW TO REACH THERE: Either you can drive to Malavli, 2 hours away from Lonavala or take a train to Lonavala and from another train straight to Malavali. 

WHAT TO CARRY : Remember the essentials, water and food is must. Do carry extra pair of clothes and shoes, it's always helpful! 

So all we have to say is, get set. GO! 

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