Unusual Dishes to try in Surat before 2016 bids Goodbye!

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One day to go for 2017 and we are all excited to party hard, merry hard and end 2016 on an awesome note! However, the celebrations are incomplete without some good, finger licking food and hence, we thought, why not give you all a check-list of amazingly different dishes that are made across the restaurants, eateries in Surat that you all must definitely gorge on before this year ends. So, quickly take a note it and make sure to relish them without fail today:

Momos at Uncle's Momos:

Uncle's momo is nothing but a small lorry standing next to Shubh Enclave, Vesu. It's not just the flavors of momos that makes this lorry special, but the way aunty makes us eat momos, nobody is allowed to go without having her famous soup that she gives complimentary with every dish, and then there is Uncle ( he garnishes the dish ) proudly boasting his love story from Gangtok to assam ! Making pure veg. momos they haven't hindered the authenticity of the dish, every dish they serve is filled with a lot of flavour, garnish and love of course.

Address: Take a left inside the lane of Agam Arcade, Next to Shubh Enclave, Vesu.
Contact: 09737183029

Pizza Uttapam at Mr. and Mrs. Idly:

One of the most amazingly cooked dish that we ate at Mr. & Mrs. Idly, Pizza Uttapam is generously spread with juicy, pizza sauce, toppings and luscious cheese. The crust is made of rice and its combination with the ingredients of pizza gives a literal food coma! You may eat it as it is - no need of sambhar or chutney, believe us!

Address: Maheshwari Apartment, Beside T&TV High School, Nanpura Main Road, Timaliyawad, Nanpura, Surat
Contact: 098244 22990

Moscow Mule at Coffee Culture:

A Moscow mule is a cocktail made with vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice, garnished with a slice or wedge of lime. But knowing Gujarat is a dry state, the experiment done by CC to make a cocktail drink without alcohol has paid off well,Looking at the picture people might think the copper mug is for aesthetic purpose but let us correct you here, but it is not only due to tradition and aesthetic reasons. The copper also has a chemical reaction with the acids from the lime (or other fruits in some variation of the drink) giving it a unique taste that can only be achieved in a pure copper mug.

CC Parle point 
Address: Ground Floor, Opp Sargam Shopping Centre, Behind Neelkanth Apts, Parle Point, Surat, Gujarat 395007
Phone:0261 225 2326

CC Adajan :
Address: # 6,Trinity Business Park,LP Savani Road, Surat, Gujarat 395009
Phone:0261 657 2121

Chocolate Pani Puri and Taiwanese Snow Ice at World of Desserts:

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN INDIA, for a sweet, fluffy dessert option, add Taiwanese snow ice in your list of "must try", one bowl of this snowy melt in mouth ice cream, and you are sorted. ( also, warning those who have sensitivity, this one is a brain freezer, but delicious! ) But, the best of all is their fusion dessert: Chocolate Pani Puri - yes, you all heard it right! Filled with strawberries, chunks of walnut and superb coat of chocolate, OMG these lil treats are bundles of sheer heaven! And you definitely cannot miss eating them this year or the next!

Address: Safal Square, Vesu, Surat
Contact: 8758664008

Rangila Dosa at RB Maysor Cafe:

Garnished with cheese, paneer cubes, raisins, coriander, pomegranate, spring onions and a generous spread of chutneys, Rangila Dosa is sweet, savoury and teasingly spicy in the same go! Roll it like a queen or king and dunk it in the piping hot Sambhar and freshly mixed chutney to experience utter bliss, we claim! Rush to RB Maysor Cafe today itself!

Address: Megh Mayur Plaza, Parle Point, Surat 
Contact: 7878741290

Sandwich and Pizza Dosa at Dosa Doze:

We loved Dosa Doze's oozing Vegetable Cheese Sandwich Dosa which had this generous filling of potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber plus refreshing chutney and of course a truckload of grated cheese. Pair it up with Sambhar and Chutney to experience the height of gastronomical happiness. And, while you are at it, make sure to dig into to Pizza Dosa. Though you might have eaten it somewhere, but the chefs at Dosa Doze are surely making out of the world Pizza Dosa which is topped with yummy Pizza sauce, olives, cheese and more.

Address: Safal Square, UM Road, Vesu, Surat
Contact: 84602 99464

Pav Bhaji Fondue Pot and Tulsi Paneer Tikka at Club 1965:

Pavbhaji Fondue Pot and Tulsi Paneer Tikka made us drop our jaws with their motley of Indian and Continental taste. Freshly marinated with tulsi, nobody in Surat, makes as tasty Tulsi Paneer Tikka and varied chutneys as the folks at Club 1965. And a dip of rice balls, veggies, crochets in sizzling, desi version of dip like Pavbhaji Fondue is enough to take you to the clouds without a doubt. Do visit Club 1965 today!

Address: Krushna Nagar, Near Gujarat Gas Circle, Adajan, Surat
Contact: 7874107779

Masala Chinese Samosa at Dilip Dabeli Corner:

Smothered with butter, spring onions, Schezwan Sauce and chunks of crisp Chinese Samosa, a plateful of freshly made Masala Chinese Samosas pop your palate with mindblowing flavours. Spicy, tad buttery, crisp and soft - all on the same go, Masala Chinese Samosa is a snack that you would find nowhere else in Surat except Dilip Dabeli Corner. Whenever you visit them, they always have a swarm of fans around their humble shop. Available just within Rs. 50, we bet that you wouldn't be able to help but totally gorge more than one plate of their Masala Chinese Samosa if you visit them!

Address: Near the turning road at R.S.M. Poonawala Sarvajanik Experimental School, Parler Point, Athwalines, Surat, Gujarat
Timings: 4:30 PM onwards.

Tags: Unusual Dishes to try in Surat before 2016 bids Goodbye!

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