Unwind At These Waterfalls Just Few Hours Away From Surat!

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CityShor has your weekend plans sorted, move away from the monotonous life and enjoy a weekend surrounded by scenic beauty!
We have shortlisted these 4 Waterfalls all just few hours away from Surat, plan with your friends and family and have a great weekend, TGIF right?

Zarwani Waterfall : 
This place is a great way to find some relief from the humdrum of daily life because you can set about enjoying and exploring this striking place. The splashing waters refreshes and rejuvenates the mind and mood. Zarwani Fall therefore finds many tourists and locals visiting it every year. This is the region’s most popular waterfall and it’s close to other places of sightseeing as well.
With the help of the local Forest Department, visitors can arrange treks and picnics to the Zarwani Waterfalls. Explorations here also include visits to forests and other natural places. Several nearby sightseeing spots like Shoolpaneshwar temple and Gheer Khadi can be visited. Zarwani Eco Campsite is a perfect spot for resting after a tired session of touring. This is the closest place that can lead you to the Zarwani Waterfall. 
Address: Dhirkhadi, Gujarat

Gira Falls
Just on the way to Saputara take a right turn around and just 3kms from Vaghai and you’ll find nature rolling down a 75 feet deep steep, in abundance, in the form of the gushing water! Watch scenic views and take hike near the water-falls to enjoy the first kiss of humid clouds of sprayed-water rising from the stones, and settling on your skin like an invisible flying butterfly! Also, do check the beautiful tribal bamboo craft that you’ll find near the entrance and do take the “mahooda-flowers” to decorate your household! There are many home décor pieces there which reflects the keen Adivasi (tribal) culture and it’s unique in its own way!

Reverse Waterfall 
Sandhan Valley also known as Maharashtra's Grand Canyon which is a magical place to be in monsoon. A waterfall comes alive only for this season and it flows in reverse! 
A scenic beauty that many are fortunate to capture, the waterfall flows upwards. This natural phenomenon occurs when high winds hit the area and their updrafts force the water to blow back upstream resulting in a reverse waterfall! Not just the reverse waterfall the place is enigmatic to look at which lush green grass, interesting pathways it's a trekker's paradise. 
Just when you think you have covered and seen all of it you might stumble upon another waterfall.

Umbrella Waterfall 
Look at the umbrella shaped waterfall in Bhandardara only a few hours away from Surat! The view is breathtaking as the fall is encircled by lush green hills. The drive to the view is also pleasant and charming. 
It's shaped like an umbrella due to the huge rock formations the water falls upon and therefore is named Umbrella Waterfall. Every monsoon it is visited by hundreds of tourist too look at the charming view and enjoy the cascading water. Surrounded by nature, it's the best place to be on a weekend. 

The city's hustle bustle is never going to stop but your worries will at these waterfalls. A calm and serene place with just the sound of water merging in the river blissful to hear and look at. 
So we say, get your adventure mode on and start planning!

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