Walk Down the Memory Lane, Soak the Charm of the Old City!

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Our city of diamonds, textiles and good food is never at rest; with its boundaries expanding in all directions, Surat is already on its way to becoming one of the most promising cities in the country. While we anticipate the growth that is likely to unwind in the coming the years, we time and again, happen to fondly get nostalgic about the rustic, raw vantage point which still takes us back to the Old Surat.

Out there in the byzantine lanes and hullabaloo of Jadakhadi, Mahidharpura, Bhagal, lies the unexplored, unknown treasure of vintage houses of Surat that were lovingly constructed in the carefree, slow-mo times of 1930's or 1940's. Originally constructed to dwell an entire extended family, these days, those beautiful, vacant houses just glance at you with silence and whisper dozens of stories if you care to carefully listen.

The magnificent Verandaahs, Otlaas, plus the overall architecture which is significantly influenced by Arabesque, European and Colonial style of construction paired with the homegrown finesse, the craftsmanship of these houses leave you stunned and baffled for a while.The sunlight peeking through the broken, stained glass windows highlights the ornamental carvings of the porch and the expanse of the backyard or as they vada - indeed, the people of this city has always been privileged!

 Though most of the bypassers don't even care to look at the aforesaid masterpieces, if you are moved by art, culture or heritage, then you are sure to feel mesmerized the minute you catch the first sight of these dilapidated abodes. 

An oasis for shutterbugs, wordsmiths without a doubt, visit the sheris, mohallaas of the Old Surat and you would get a chance to listen to the glorious songs of bonhomie and brotherhood being sung from the jharukhaas of these timeless homes.

Don't trust us yet? Well, the ancestors rightly said that "You must get lost in the streets to find yourself", and the Old City is undoubtedly kind to make your meet your newer version! So, are you ready for a quick heritage walk? 

Author Credit: Mohita Adhvaryu

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