Weekend Sorted-A Gorgeous Rooftop & Poolside Eatery Is Here!

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It goes without saying that Surtis are always looking to try something new and different when it comes to restaurants and there's nothing like Glorinaa Temptation at SNS Glorinaa Valley situated just 20 minutes away in Sachin set apart from the city's mundane life and the usual hustle bustle. 
A larger than life area, you'll be taken away by the grandeur of this place. A gigantic pool with water as blue as the sky, sip refreshing and exotic mocktails while listening to the blissful waterfall or if you are in a mood to be on top of the world, take a seat at the humongous gazebo and enjoy the wind sweep your hair. 
Where can you find the best of both world peeps? Pick and choose where to sit and enjoy a breathtaking view and an ultimate dining experience. Their menu is extensive with so many yummy food options, here's what we tried and recommend : 
Mocktails : 
Temptation Special - A perfect blend of pineapple and sweet lime it had a saccharine taste to it. Pretty in a vibrant yellow colour, this drink is exotic and fresh at the same time. 
Blue Lagoon - Go for a classic Blue Lagoon, fizzy and sweet with a hint of lemon it acts as a good starter to your dining experience. Best part? It's not at all syrupy therefore this medley will definitely bring a huge smile on your face. 
Green Apple - Tangy, sour and our favorite amongst all the mocktails this vivid green colour drink goes with any dish you order. Trust us you wouldn't want to share it. 
Blossom - This sweet drink is for all the strawberry lovers out there, you must try it! One sip and you cannot put this drink down. Refreshing, sugary and creamy it's an unbeatable combination. 
Bharwana Roll -  A spicy and tangy starter, chunks of Kaju and veggies stuffed in potato skin and presented beautifully, if you are bored of the "paneer starters" go for this! 
Alfredo Pasta - A smooth and rich coating of creamy cheese sauce poured over well-cooked pasta, always a hit with the taste buds, enjoy this hearty meal with one of their mocktails and you are set for the evening.
Tacos - Fan of the Mexican cuisine? Their tacos are a handful of tasty munchies. Filled with beans, capsicum, corn and topped with oodles of cheese, is it even possible to say no to it? We think not! 
Arrabiata Pasta - While the wolrd will always be divided into Red Sauce vs White Sauce pasta, you can have them both right? Afterall one should never say no to lipsmacking food. Tangy tomato puree balances the spicy twist of the dish and leaves your tummy utterly satisfied. 
Tandoori Paneer Pizza -  A desi taste to the pizza, it is topped with gravy dipped paneer and brings out exotic flavours. If you are in a mood to try something different, go for it!
Strawberry Fried Ice Cream - A circle shaped ball, which when cut oozes of vanilla icecream. Heavenly in both taste and look, it's a must try. The layer of the dessert was a surprise element - coconut! We say, end it on a sweet note with this eccentric dessert. 
Add this place to your must-visit list and remember, you'll have lots of Instagram worthy clicks so plan it, wear your favourite dress and enjoy this beautiful place! 
Address : Glorinaa Temptation, at SNS Glorinaa Valley, Sachin, Surat-Navsari road.
Phone : +919978606997
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