Attributes: Adventure, Weekend Getaway, Around the City

Already been in and around Surat a million times? We suggest - Sandhan Valley also known as Maharashtra's Grand Canyon which is a magical place to be in monsoon. A waterfall comes alive only for this season and it flows in reverse! 

A scenic beauty that many are fortunate to capture, the waterfall flows upwards. This natural phenomenon occurs when high winds hit the area and their updrafts force the water to blow back upstream resulting in a reverse waterfall! Not just the reverse waterfall the place is enigmatic to look at which lush green grass, interesting pathways it's a trekker's paradise. 

Just when you think you have covered and seen all of it you might stumble upon another waterfall. The beauty of this place are small waterfalls tucked away somewhere waiting for you to find it . You might have to wade in water between your paths but here the journey is equally important as the destination. 

You might also find one of the many visitors hanging in a tent on the edge (Vertical Hanging Tent), it's chilling to even look at! Once you are at the top you get a chance to be one with yourself and throw your worries away. Pure bliss.

HOW TO REACH THERE : Road trip! If not, you can take a train to Kasara then another mode of transportation to Samrad Village as that's where your journey begins. 
Do not forget to carry the essentials.

Bored of the city? Nature is calling! 

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