CityShor Ahmedabad


PallavPallav Parikh
Pallav Parikh (Co-founder), a professional with 12 years of experience has given 2 start-up attempts before founding CityShor. A food hogger, an avid reader about internet startup space, crazy about Silicon Valley, one time author (Just like in Hollywood movies) is a Marketing, Distribution and Product guy at CityShor.


Don't mistake him for a regular 37 year old (He hates when we mention his age, so we obviously will) for, he is the life of the office! Be it a regular day at work, a road trip, or any office activities, you can expect "crazy" from the guy!


Talking about his work ethics; Though he may bug anyone & everyone if he isn't in the mood to work but, when he is, don't expect him to look over his laptop screen even for a bit. When it comes to solving a problem, his thinking agenda starts where our ends, making him a unique fit in the entire unit! Being an insomniac, you can expect him to be all set and ready for a late night cuppa, or even a patiala!   facebook twitter


PankajPankaj Pathak
Pankaj (Co-founder), an HR expert by profession & author by hobby, has worked in different industries for 12 years before founding CityShor. For somebody who believes “communication” is the essence of earth’s existence, meeting new people & writing stories comes just so naturally!


A few words can't do the trick for a guy, who says a sentence instead of the word "hi".
Right from making his way to work at 9:30 in the morning, cleaning the entire office, keeping all his gadgets on charging, he has a certain ritual that he HAS to follow; Meddle with him and you are bound to face his ire! But, in all seriousness he is one guy that you wouldn't mind when he blabbers away cause he always speaks sense, with a genuine love, care and concern for everyone! Born smart and is very conscious about his looks (and hair).  facebook twitter


Rajshree Chorasiya

Rajshree Chorasiya
With 10 years of experience in the Corporate world, Rajshree is on board to research and showcase the best of activities in the city.
'Extremely polite, kind, helpful and has never fussed till date, when assigned any work whatsoever!' Well, this was the impression that she created when she joined the team. And now? Haha. While her dedication to work is still intact, she is the one who keeps the office alive with her constant talks. Be it 'whose got what for lunch' to 'why doesn't Pallav cut his hair'!



Neville Gandhi

Neville Gandhi
Neville "Bawa" Gandhi, is 'The Colonel' of Team. Equally interested in almost every kind of work, he is the jack of all trades. At 4, he is the oldest guy in the system but, young at heart; With flair for Sales, Marketing, Collection, MIS, Accounting, HR & Admin.
Honest & reliable to the core; You can never expect a NO for any work - be it personal or official. While he does nag and keeps a check on the cheques & cash and keeps reminding team something about every penny saved, and every penny earned; Bawa is fun to be with.



sandip kesri

Sandeep Kesri

He is the guy who is passionate about his job and loves to go extra mile for clients. He ensures that he doesn't leave a single stone unturned when it comes to his deliveerables even if it means working cross functionally. 7+ plus years of experience in sales and retail shows clearly when he is at field. An ex flipkart employees also helps CityShor in strategy and promotions.